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We have been told that Malaysian Airport is very confusing and there are very long walks between terminals - we only have an hour to spare (taking everything into account) we are flying from Perth WA to Heathrow - any experts out there?
What airlines are you flying?
Do not worry. The airports in and around Kuala Lumpur are not confusing and there are clear signs where you have to go to.
At this site yoy will find some additional information:
Enjoy your stay in Malaysia.
Hi, i am in transit from Darwin via Kuala Lumpur and Doha to Oslo and I have to stop for 17 hours in Kuala Lumpur IA. The Sama Sama hotel can be accessed from ANY terminal point when you are in transit right?

I don't really want to stay an keep a watch over my luggage for 17h. I would rather check into a hotel, and Sama Sama was atleast inside the secure zone.
Hi i will be travelling from mumbai to bali via kuala lumpur by malasyian airlines. Please help me in detail with all the terminal information. Also i have a 1.5 hour layover so is it enough? will i have to check in again. Also the visa needed in malaysia