Kuala Lumpur KUL Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Kuala Lumpur KUL Airport

Kuala Lumpur International Airport Terminal Complex, City check-in, Information Counters, Visitor Service Center & Terminal Details (including Airline/Airport Lounges:

The Passenger Terminal Complex at Kuala Lumpur International Airport consists of a large Main Terminal 'CLIA1' (with Contact Pier (CP1) and Satellite Building (SAT)),  and the Low-Cost CarrierTerminal
'CLIA2' (6 km from toll plaza).  While ‘Contact Pier’ (Concourse) of CLIA1 uses A & B gates for domestic flights, and G & H gates for international flights - the Satellite uses its Satellite C gates for international arrivals & departures only. Both 'CLIA1' Satellite and 'CLIA2' have their own immigration facilities.
While the Airport refers to its terminals as 'Clia1 & Clia2' - airlines may refer to them as T1 /T2 - or include the gate area (T1-A means: Clia1, at CP1 contact pier, gate A)

Main Terminal 1 with its satellite & new clia2 terminal:
The Aerotrain, a driverless train on an elevated rail, runs every 3 to 5 minutes between them, taking 2 minutes for each stop.
Across from the Main Terminal building are two parking garages for (a) domestic passengers (blocks C&D) - with Pacific Hotel behind it,  and (b) International passengers (Blocks AB).

City check-in and baggage checkout services:  (a) The  Kuala Lumpur City Air Terminal is a virtual extension of KLIA, providing city check-in services at check-in desks & CUSS automats; while (b) Rail Link Sdn Bhd offers baggage check-out services, where passengers only collect their baggage and declare taxable items.
Information Counters are strategically located and handle inquiries, paging, lost & found and other services:
(a) Main Terminal, Departure Hall (tel : +603-8776 4386 / 4389) & International Arrival Hall (tel : +603-8776 3689).;
(b) Main Terminal's Contact Pier (CP)  (tel: +603-8776 0259);
(c) Satellite Building (SAT). (tel: +603-8776 2454).
The Visitor Service Center on level 2 of the Main Terminal Building at the baggage reclaim area, open 24 hours a day, provides information relevant to the airport, flights, accommodations, transportation and tourism. Tel: +603-8776 5651/5647; Fax: +603-8776 5722; E-mail: ticklia@tourism.gov.my.
Internet access at kiosks is free (except for telephony & web access) located in the Satellite Building. Each kiosk has four PC units.


KLIA1 is the Airport's Main Terminal serves domestic & international flights of regular commercial arlines, and  connects to its Contact Pier CP1 via Aerotrain at its center - where it leads on Level 1 to domestic gates B & A on opposite sides, and on Level 2 to international gates H & G on opposite sides. The Aerotrain also connects KLIA1's Satellite Building with C gates.  KLIA1 is situated between two runways with five levels - and levels 1 & 2 (in a cross-shape - the center of which leads to East, West, North & South Zones - each of which housing concessions and offering access to certain gates.
Aside from a host of restaurants, cafes and fast-food concessions, duty-free and regular shops - The Main Terminal offers a Post office, CIMB Bank, 4 ATM machines, 2 foreign exchange counters, left luggage, unaccompanied luggage, and a Surau prayer area between the domestic and the international departure areas.  Boarding gates are in both the Contact Pier & the Satellite Building.
   The Ground Level of KLIA1 leads to the KLIA Express Train Station and to the Bus Station which has a convenience store and a deli. It also offers access to Parking C & D and Parking A & B on each side, and access to the PanPacific Hotel via 'buggy' service.
   Level 1 of KLIA1 is the Arrivals level (domestic & international), houses customs clearance and baggage check A through M (no I), Immigration, and services and amenities (3 ATM machines, 2 money changers, 2 Surau prayer areas; the Pusrawi Medical Center). It also offers Aerotrain transfers to domestic gates B & A.
   Level 2's Mezzanine Level of KLIA1, has access to airline offices and Food Paradise, and offers Aerotrain transfers to international gates H & G.
   Level 2, the Departures Level of KLIA1, has an Information counter, 216 check-in counters at six separate islands and identified by letters AB, CD, EF, GH, JK & LM. Check-in services are for all arriving, departing or transitioning passengers.  A large number of integrated self-check-in kiosks (CUSS) are now available. 
       CP1 - the 2-level Contact Pier of  KLIA1 is divided into domestic A & B gates, and international G & H gates - connected to the Main Terminal, as well as to the Satellite Building via Aerotrain at its center, and leads to the following gate areas:
    Level 1 of CP1 at left leads to domestic gates B2-B11, and at right to gates A2-A11, with immigration and transfer counter in the center. Level 3 houses a few shops and food & drink outlets, the MAS Golden Lounge for domestic passengers, an ATM machine, currency exchange and a Surau prayer area.
   Level 2 of CP1 at left leads to international gates H2 to H11, and at right to the transfer counter and Gates G2 to G11. This level also houses a duty-free shopping mall, Karyaneka, Kids Smart Tunnel, fast-food and coffee shop. Close to the Aerotrain station to the Satellite, to the left, is a Surau prayer area, and an Information desk.
KLIA1's Satellite Building
with 2 levels and C Gates handles mainly international departing & arriving flights & has its own immigration facility. It is located on the opposite side of Main Terminal's apron (near the air cargo area) - quite a distance from the Main Terminal. Its cross-shaped  mezzanine and passenger levels are divided into North, South, East & West Zones, with a landscape area in their  center. The Satellite is linked to the Contact Pier by the Aerotrain running evey 3-5 minutes and taking 2 minutes.  The Sama-Sama Express Transit Hotel is located in the secured area, - no need to go through Immigration /Customs.
      Level 1of the Satellite - the boarding gate level - houses airline gates divided into 4 zones: The West Zone with Gates C1-C6 houses the Aerotrain stop which connects to Terminal 1's contact pier. The north Zone has moving walkways and gates C11-C17;  the East Zone has gates C21-C27; the South Zone has gates C31-C37. The center offers an information counter, surrounded by shops, duty-frees & food outlets.
      Level 2 of the Satellite - the mezzanine level - offers food & drink*, airline lounges**, and access to the gates. It houses an abundance of duty-free and brand-name shops, fast-food establishments, free wireless internet access, Information desk, CIMB Bank, left luggage, Airside Transit Hotel, post office, nationwide express, 3R Reflexology & massage services, children's play areas, movie lounge and broadcasting movie, as well as sports channels. The transfer desk is near the landscape area in the center. 
* New Flight Club - offers healthy menues of western & international cousine with emphasis on use of herbs & seeds - located across from the Plaza Premium Lounge.
** Airline Lounges in the Satellite's Mezzanine level:
MAS Golden Lounge for Malaysia Airline passengers only - at West Wing (C1-C6), & Contact Pier (Domestic & International).
Royal Orchid Lounge for Thai Airways passengers only - at North Wing (C11-17).
Cathay Pacific Lounge for Cathay Pacific passengers only - at East Wing (C21-27).
Silver Kriss Lounge for Singapore Airline passengers only - at North Wing (C11-17).
Emirates Lounge for Emirates passengers only - at East Wing (C21-27).
Dynasty Lounge for China Airline passengers only - at South Wing (C31-37).
Plaza Pemium Lounge for all paying passengers - at North Wing (C11-17).
Mines Lounge / 'Dignitaries Lounge' is near the Post Office at International Departures.

New  Low-Cost-Carrier Terminal 'CLIA2' with Main Terminal Building (MTB) and Satellite Building - located south of Klia1's Satellite building (or 6 km from the Toll Plaza - immeditely after the KLIA-inbound gas /petro station) - is connected by a 300-meter skybridge & the Aerotrain. 'Gateway @ klia2' houses the transport Hub.  While MTB is serving all domestic and some international arrivals, the Satellite serves only international arrivals & departures. CLIA2 has its own immigration facility.  While it already has a good number of food & drink & retail concessions, more will be added in stages as the terminal is being completed, whereupon CLIA2 is to have 60 gates, 8 remote stands & 80 airbridges, with a huge retail space for over 225 outlets. 
    The Arrivals level of CLIA2 has at its entrance an information center;  followed by meeting points for domestic & for international arrvals. The Arrivals hall houses the transportation center hotel reservations, rental car counters, immigraton & customs, and beyond the baggage claim  are with carousels 1-5 and 6-10, over oversize baggage & airlines on either side of the floor.  Elevator/ escalaor/ stairs lead to Departure gates J (left) and K (right).
       The International Tansfer station
is near the security check leading to Skybridge.  After security check in the center you take the Skybridge (level 3) in the center to the Satellite Building intended for international transfers.  It has in the center a public lounge with 2 information counters & a Kid Zone, and access to departure gates P (left) & departure gates Q (right).  Near the Kids Zone is an internet kiosk; and on opposite ends of the public lounte are a Movie Lounge and a Sports Lounge.
   Level 1A of CLIA2 has access to Satellite Piers J, P & Q - their gates surround concessions & prayer rooms:
       Satellite Pier J with gates J1 - J22 is intended  for domestic departures/arrivals.
       Satellite Pier K with gates K2-18 is intended for domestic departures/arrivals
       Satellite Pier P  with gates P1 - P21  is intended for international departures.
       Satellite Pier Q with gates Q3 - Q21  is intended for domestic departures/arrivals.
   Level 2 of CLIA2 has access to Pier L with gates L gates L2-18 is intended for international departures.

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