Parking Options at Pensacola International Airport

Parking options at Pensacola Airport include a Parking Garage in front of the passenger terminal, which is surrounded by the Surface Parking Lot; and  Economy Lots 1 & 2:

NOTE:  The parking garage is currently undergoing renovation; if full, proceed to surface or eaconomy lots.

Garage Parking fees: each 30 mins $1;  up to daily max $11
Surface Parking fees: each hr $2; up to daily max $9
Economy Lots 1 & 2 fees: each hr $2; up to daily max $6.

Disabled parking
is available in surface lot (at north/south/west end of parking garage; at levels 2-4 of the Garage at rows C & D, in Economy Lot 1 at front entrance (turn right pst Blue Angel display), and new Economy Lot 2.

Credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover & Diner's Club) are accepted.  Self-service credit card lane 5 is outside right.

For more parking information call Republic Parking at 850-435-8767.

Parking Rates at PNS Airport

Surface and Shuttle Lot 1
Rate: Each 1 Hr: $ 2
Daily max (24hrs): $ 8.5
Rate: Each 30 mins: $ 1
Daily max (24hrs): $ 10.5

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