Aalborg (AAL) Airport

Aalborg AAL Airport Overview

Aalborg Airport AAL is the third-largest airport in Denmark and serves its North Jutland region and the city of Aalborg. North Jutland is a popular holiday destination with a west coast boasting miles of white sandy beaches, and its city of Aalborg is well worth a visit.  The Airport is open 6:30am-11:30pm.

AAL Airport is located in Norresund, or 6.5 km northwest of the city of Aalborg, can be accessed via Route 55, and is close to motorways E-39, E45.

With two long runways and an estimated 1.3 million passengers a year, Aalborg Airport is served by many airlines offering scheduled direct flights - mainly to north European Cities - with connections around the globe. Seasonal regular flights & charters are available to popular vacation venues.

Airline check-in times prior to scheduled departure: 
SAS - domestic 20 mins; international 30 mins, charter 1 hr. (check-in opens 2 hrs before departure).
Norwegian - domestic 30 mins, international 45 mins.
Cimber Sterling - domestic 30 mins; international 45 mins; charters 60 mins.
KLM - international 30 mins. 
All other airlines - charters 60 mins. (check-in opens 2 hrs before departure).

The passenger terminal at Aalborg Airport is divided into arrivals and departure sections, with a total of 7 check-in desks and 11 gates. Lounges are on the first level.
Level 1 is the Arrivals & check-in level, divided into Arrivals 1 & 2 on opposite sides,  with  gates 1 - 5,  tax-free shops and access to services. Near the check-in automats (next to the Info desk) are the check-in counters leading to security check and gates.  with separate baggage claim carousels.  with travel agencies & information counter in the center
Level 2 houses the VIP lounge a has acces t gates 6 - 11 (with a food court in the center.
Amenities and services inside the terminal include a bank with currency exchange service and a cash machine accepting major credit cards. Internet access via hotspots are free. Meeting rooms can be rented by calling +45 98 17 11 44. Other amenities include food & drink, newsstand, lockers, and  trolleys in the terminal and car park. 
Parking options at Aalborg Airport include short- &long-term parking close to the terminal. If picking up a passenger, use the free cell phone lot  at corner of Lakewood Blvd. /Wardlow.  

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