Parking Options at Aberdeen Airport

Parking options at Aberdeen Airport: Short- and long-term parking, as well as priority parking with added perks are available.
Offshore workers may use the long-term carpark at a special rate with no minimum stay.

Priority Parking is across from the terminal, and
the multi-storey Short-term garage behind it. 
Long-term carpark is off Forbes Road which is to the left of the traffic circle; on Forbes Road continue to Montrose Rd (at left).   A shuttle bus will take you within 2 mins to the passenger terminal.

A gas station is ff Dyce Drive, on Argil Rd., next to the Premir Inn and opposite the Thistle Hotel.

Parking Rates at ABZ Airport

Short Term
Rate: Up to 15 minutes 1.00
Up to 30 minutes 2.00
Up to 1 hour 3.90
Up to 90 minutes 5.10
Up to 2 hours 6.10
Up to 4 hours 8.40
Up to 8 hours 10.40
Up to 12 hours 12.80
Up to 18 hours 15.50
Up to 24 hours 16.30
Each day thereafter 16.30
Aberdeen Airport Offshore Parking
Description:Special parking rates are available for offshore workers flying from Bristows, Scotia or Broomfield terminals.  Offshore workers can park in our Long Stay car park at a discounted rate of £3.80 per day.*
Rate: 1 day 3.80
Aberdeen Airport Priority parking
Rate: Up to 15 minutes 1.30
Up to 30 minutes 2.60
Up to 1 hour 4.90
Up to 90 minutes 6.40
Up to 2 hours 7.60
Up to 4 hours 10.50
Up to 8 hours 16.50
Up to 12 hours 19.50
Up to 18 hours 22.90
Up to 24 hours 23.90
2 days 44.30
3 days 64.70
Long Term
Description:Long Stay Parking at Aberdeen Airport is suitable for all travellers going on holiday or longer trips away.
Rate: 2 day minimum charge 18.00
Each day thereafter 9.00

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