Transportation fom Aberdeen Internantional Airport to your destination:  Aberdeen buses, as well as local services and Stagecoach Bluebird to Peterhead, Elgin & Invernes stop outside the Airport.
By Bus:
   - Stagecoach Bluebird 's JET 727 bus route between Union Square and Aberdeen Airport was with additional stops between Union Square & the Haudagain roundabout are now available. Weekday buses depart every 12 mins off-rush hour; every 10 mins at rush hours;  weekens every 20 mins 8am-8pm.he bus stop is signposted from the terminal. 
   - For long-distance buses, take a bus or taxi to the Guild Street bus station in central Aberdeen, which is adjacent to the railroad station. 
For more information open: https://tiscon-maps-stagecoachbus.s3.amazonaws.com/Timetables/NSCOT-TT_727_JET-2015JULY.pdf
- Service 747 runs weekdays only between Peterhead & Dyce via the Airport.  For more information open:  https://www.stagecoachbus.com/timetables

By Train:

   - The '80 Jet Connect is a new bus service which ties in with the new ScotRail train & links Dyce railway station with Aberdeen Airport.
The nearest railroad station is Dyce (about 2 miles from the passenger terminal) can be reached by  taxi; Dyce is on the Aberdeen-Elgin-Inverness line, and is also served by through trains from Glasgow & Edinburgh); trains run once an hour. Buy the ticket on the train.
The Aberdeen rail station is a 10-minute train ride from Dyce and serves Frist CotRail, National Express East Coast & Cross Country.

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