Transportation fom Aberdeen Internantional Airport to your destination:
(a) Aberdeen buses, as well as local services and Stagecoach Bluebird * to Peterhead, Elgin & Invernes stop outside the Airport. The bus stop is signposted from the terminal. 
(b) For long-distance buses, take a bus or taxi to the Guild Street bus station in central Aberdeen, which is adjacent to the railroad station. 


The '80 Jet Connect is a new bus service which ties in with the new ScotRail train & links Dyce railway station with Aberdeen Airport.
The nearest railroad station is Dyce (about 2 miles from the passenger terminal) can be reached by  taxi; Dyce is on the Aberdeen-Elgin-Inverness line, and is also served by through trains from Glasgow & Edinburgh); trains run once an hour. Buy the ticket on the train.
The Aberdeen rail station is a 10-minute train ride from Dyce and serves Frist CotRail, National Express East Coast & Cross Country.

NOTE: As of May 2014, Stagecoach Bluebird 's JET 727 bus route between Union Square and Aberdeen Airport was icreased by four more  buses, as well as their frequency, with additional stops between Union Square & the Haudagain roundabout. Weedays buses depart every 12 mins off-rush hour; every 10 mins at rush hours;  weekens every 20 mins 8am-8pm.

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