Emergency / Medical Services at Acapulco Alvarez ACA Airport

For medical attention, contact one of the following hospitals located in Acapulco:

HOSPITAL CENTRO MÉDICO at José Valdez Arevelo 620, Acapulco - Tel: (744) 482-4692 or 482-4693
HOSPITAL GENERAL at Av. Ruiz Cortínes 128, Col. Alta progreso, C.P. 35970, Acapulco - Tel: (744) 486-0859 or 485-1730
HOSPITAL GENERAL CD. RENACIMIENTO at Av. Juan R. Escudero S/N, C.P. 39715, Acapulco - Tel: (744) 441-4937 or 441-5621
HOSPITAL NAVAL DE ACAPULCO at XVIII Zona Naval Militar, Av. Costera Miguel Aleman 1, Col. Icacos, Acapulco - Tel: (744) 484-4057 or 484-0034
HOSPITAL DEL PACÍFICO at Calle Fraile y Nao No. 4, Fraccionamiento La Bocana, Acapulco - Tel: (744) 487-7180
HOSPITAL PRIVADO MAGALLANES at Wilfrido Massieu 2, Fraccionamiento Magallanes, Acapulco - Tel: (744) 485-6096 or 485-6597

People With Special Needs / Persons With Disabilities at Acapulco Alvarez ACA Airport

OMA provides complete accessibilities with elevators, electric escalators, handrails, signage and tactile strips.

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