Airport Delays

Departure Delays
  • Charlotte Douglas CLT Airport flight departure delays: Air traffic control is imposing gate hold and taxi delays on departing traffic ranging from 16 minutes to 30 minutes and increasing.

Arrival Delays
  • La Guardia LGA Airport flight arrival delays: Air Traffic Control is currently delaying certain arriving flights, resulting in delays from 16 minutes to 30 minutes and increasing. Therefore, certain departing flights might be delayed. Check La Guardia LGA airport flight departures for specifcs on the flight you are interested in.

Airport Closures:
  • No airport closures.

Airport Ground Delays:
  • Certain inbound flights scheduled to depart for Philadelphia airport are delayed an average of 23 minutes. Check your specific flight’s status at the departure city for an updated schedule.

Airport Ground Stop Delays:
  • No current Ground Stop Delays.

Information current as of: Jun 28 at 13:54:05

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