Alexandroupolis Democritus (AXD) Airport

Alexandroupolis Democritus AXD Airport Overview

Alexandroupolis Democritus International Airport AXD is located near the Greek village of Apalos, in the Evros Prefecture, and is 7 km east of the city of Alexandroupolis, in northeast Greece. It is accessible via the E90 motorway. 

With an estimated 213,000 passengers a year, Alexandroupolis Airport is served mainly by domestic airlines during the winter season, and by Olympic & Aegean Airways & charter airlines in the summer season.
Passengers are urged to arrive at least 90 minutes prior to scheduled departure.
The passenger terminal at Alexandroupolis Airport was overhauled & expanded.  A buffet & bar is in the check-in area; a mail box is inside the terminal; public telephones are available, including card phones, which are wheelchair accessible.  For currency exchange and banking you need to go to town. Rental car counters are inside the passenger terminal.
Parking at AXD Airport is available in the parking lot at the west side of the passenger terminal and the first first hour of parking is free.
From Alexandroupolis Airport to your destination:
(a) taxis: The Omonia taxi is located at Mazaraki 1 (tel. +302551022000), at Trikoupi 1 (+302551027200) and at Kaviri 7 (+302551028484).  (b) Two bus services are available: one is to Orestiada, departing the Airport every hour; and a local Bus departs to Anhia & Loutros.

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