Parking Options at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Picking up/ dropping of passengers at the Airport: 
1. To drop off a passenger at the Airport, follow the Airline & Departure Hall sign; stop there only for unloading. For more time, use the short-term carparks P1 or P2. 
2. If you are picking up a passenger, follow signs to Arrivals Hall after the "Schiphol' exit  of A4.  You  can park there quickly to discharge your passenger, or you can park your car at 'Schiphol Visitors' parking, by simply following the 'Parking' sign. Monitors there will indicate the arrival of your passenger. 

Other parking options at Schiphol Airport include:
1. 'Short-Stop Parking' ideal for passenger pickup, with first 15 minute free (folow signs for 'Arrivals', and then for 'Short-Stop parking P6'; continue until T-junction; take exit to left.
2. 'Visitors' Parking, covered & close to terminal, ideal if you need more time (takes 2-8 mins walking through corridor) ;
3. 'Park & Travel 3' offers guaranteed spaces (shuttle bus runs 24/7 every 5-810ins & takes 5-8 mins);
4. 'Holiday Valet Parking'
5. 'Smart Parking' offers best prices, but limited availability (takes 5-8 mins via shuttle bus, which runs 24/7, ever 5-10 mins);
6.  'Valet Parking' in front of departure hall (deposit keys at Valet Parking desk);
7. 'Excellence Parking' is a reserved luxury facility with parking pass for frequent flyers, available right next to Departure Hall 3.
8. 'Privium' Parking close to terminal, always available (takes 2-5 mins through a corridor).

Parking Rates at AMS Airport

Schiphol Short Stop Parking
Rate: 16 - 60 minutes EUR 2.50 per 15 minu
after 1 hour EUR 3.50 per 15 minu
Schiphol Visitors’ Parking
Rate: 30mins(the 1st 3hrs) EUR 2.00
1hr(after 3hrs) EUR 4
1 day EUR 30
Schiphol Park & Travel
Rate: the first three days EUR 53.50
each subsequent(resv EUR 6.00
3 days(reserve) EUR 50.00
Schiphol Smart Parking
Rate: 22 days EUR 95
Notes:The fee above is only applied to reservation of 6 weeks in advance.
Schiphol Privium Parking
Rate: per hour(P1-2) EUR 5
for 1st 3 days(P3) EUR 56.00
for each consecutive EUR 7
1 day (P1-2) EUR 33.50

Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) Airport Parking Map

Amsterdam Schiphol AMS airport parking map

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