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  • Changing from a Delta to Easyjet flight
    Apr 20, 2015
    Hello... I am flying through AMS from Atlanta on Delta and changing to and Easyjet flight. My flight arrives at 8:05 and departs at 9:50 on Easyjet. I will only have carry on. Do I have to go through passport control or can I just get off the Delta plane and walk to Easyjet? The last time I went through AMS transferred to a KLM flight and I just walked to the gate. All Terminals are connected and I will not have to exit the airport correct? My mom will be will me and may need a cart are those available there? Thank for your help


    Yes, you will have to go through passport control if your Easyjet flight is within the Schengen Area. Make sure to print out your Easyjet boarding passes before leaving the US.


    Thanks Zap... Does it take awhile to go through paasport control or is 805 to 950 enough time


  • Boarding pass
    Dec 1, 2014
    Flying Delta MSP/AMS/BRU I was able to print the MSP/AMS boarding pass but not the one for the AMS/BRU flight. Where do I get that boarding pass?


    First, check your boarding pass, Delta prints all boarding passes on one sheet of paper. Secondly, if you really don't have your AMS-BRU boarding pass you can get it at the transfer desk in Amsterdam.


  • Connecting to DUS
    Aug 28, 2014
    I am arriving from ATL with a 1 hour connection in AMS before flying to DUS. Will this be a sufficient amount of time? Will I be claiming/rechecking bags through customs in AMS or when I arrive in DUS?


    You won't do anything with your bags in AMS. You will just go through security and schengen passport control when entering Pier B for your flight to DUS.


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