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Tips and ideas on how to best spend a layover at Amsterdam Schiphol AMS airport. Got a favorite quiet place to connect to wifi? A great bar or restaurant? Maybe an exhibit or a walk? Share your AMS Airport layover experiences with others, or post a question and get notified when there is a response.

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  • 90min layover in Amsterdam
    May 19, 2016
    I am travelling from Toronto to Paris, 90 min layover in Amsterdam. First flight is Jet Aireays and second flight is Air France. Will I need to go through customs again or can I just go straight for my gate? I have the same situation for when I come back but the layover is only 80min.


    You will go through passport control both ways. You should have enough time if everything is on the same reservation.


  • 2 hr 20 min layover
    May 8, 2016
    I am traveling from SLC-Athens with a 2hr 20 min layover in AMS. Is that enough time? First time traveling internationally.


    Yes, that should be plenty of time. You just have to go through passport control and to your departure gate.


    Thank you. It was either this flight or go thorough CDG with a 7 1/2 hr layover.


  • Rome - Amsterdam - Cape Town
    Mar 30, 2016
    Hi, I am flying with KLM from Rome to Amsterdam and then from Amsterdam to Cape Town. I only have 1h05mn layover to change planes. Will it be possible? Thanks for your help


    Yes, that should be just about enough time.


  • 14 hour Layover
    Mar 31, 2016
    Hello. I'm a Canadian travelling KLM from Toronto to Budapest with 14 hour layover in Amsterdam. Am I allowed to go sightseeing out of the airport and come back later for my flight? I will have checked in baggages.


    Yes, you are allowed to leave the airport. Canadian citizens are allowed to visit all EU countries basically as they wish.


    Thanks for your comment. I was talking about only 1h05mn in amsterdam to catch the cape town (south africa) flight. I think there is only this flight and not sure whether if one miss the connection they put you for free to the next one?


  • Layover
    Mar 6, 2016
    I arrive AMS on Delta from New York JFK at 10:45am on Sunday 3/13. I depart on Delta KLM heading to Spain at 6:15pm that evening. Do I have enough time to clear customs to get in some sightseeing and get back to the airport? This is my first time to Amsterdam and I really wanted to take in a few sights. Any suggestions?


    Yes, I think that would be enough time for a little sightseeing.


  • bos-ams-jro on delta/klm
    Feb 21, 2016
    Is 1 hr 45 minutes enough time? Other option is approx 4 hrs. Thanks


    Yes, that should be enough time.


  • 18 hour layover
    Jan 15, 2016
    I have an 18 hour layover in Amsterdam. Arriving at 1350 from Kenya. I would like to take the train into the city visit the Anne Frank house, stay in a small hotel and then catch my plane the next morning at 950. If I do not need my luggage at the hotel, do I still have to collect it before I leave the airport?


    You will have to ask your airline, but I'm fairly sure you will have to claim and re-check it.


    Jan 7, 2016
    I am flying CPT to ATL with short layover in AMS on SA passport. Do I need any visa for AMS?


    No, you do not, both because you are staying airside and South Africans do not need an Airport Transit visa in the Schengen Area and because you will presumably hold a valid visa to enter the US.


  • Overnight Layover from Oslo, Norway to Jakarta, Indonesia
    Jan 11, 2015
    hi, I'm an Indonesian and I have a 12 days visa (Schengen to Oslo) valid from February 5th - February 16th. I will depart from Oslo at February 16th at 7 PM via Amsterdam. if I am to have an overnight layover in Schiphol for 23.50 hours from February 16th - February 17th (from 8.55 PM to 8.45 PM), do I need a visa on arrival? do I have to stay in airport or can I go sightseeing to the city? kindly to advise, thank you


    I suggest you leave a day earlier, your visa will be expired by the time you leave the Schengen Area and you will have overstayed your visa.


  • OVER NIGHT layover in Amsterdam
    Dec 31, 2015
    We will be flying into Schiphol in August. Our plan is to do a small trip downtown to sightsee and then stay overnight at a hotel near the airport. Our flight out in the morning is 1100 am. We are Canadians. Do we need any special documents to stay overnight in Amsterdam before continuing on to Edinburgh? All our flights are with KLM and paid for in one transaction.


    No, you do not need any documents. Canadians do not require a visa to enter the Schengen Area. Just make sure your bags are tagged to AMS and not EDI at your origin if you want to access them in Amsterdam.


  • Indonesia to Amsterdam to Barcelona
    Dec 31, 2015
    Hello, I will taking a flight from Indonesia to Amsterdam and arrived at 09.20. Then, I will fly to Barcelona at 14.00 (different airlines). Do I need to go through custom twice? (First-when arrived in schipol, Second-when leaving schipol to barcelona). Will 4 hours enough for me? Many thanks!


    No, you will go through Schengen Passport control once, when entering the Schengen pier of the terminal in Amsterdam. 4 hours is plenty of time.


  • TRF to AMS to BCN transfer time
    Nov 16, 2014
    I'm travelling from Sandefjord to Barcelona. My KLM flight from Sandefjord arrives at 8:15 AM in Amsterdam and my connecting flight to Barcelona is with Vueling departing at 10:05. I also have a checked in luggage. Is this enough time or will I miss my flight to Barcelona?


    If you purchased both flights on one ticket your bag will automatically be transferred - if not, you would need to claim your bag & re-check it in with Vueling (contact KLM if they will transfer - as the two airlines do not belong to the same Alliance). Presuming that Norway is a Schengen country, you may proceed to your connecting gate. In both cases your transfer time should suffice.


  • From Bucharest to Seattle & From Amsterdam to London
    Nov 7, 2014
    Hello, My mother is taking a flight from Bucharest to Seattle with a layover in Schiphol of several hours. I will have at the same time a flight from Amsterdam Schiphol to London. I see that there are two areas - Schengen and non-Schengen. Does that mean that we will be able to meet in the airport or are there any passport control in between? Thank you so much!


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