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We arrive US citizens on a KLM flight from Athens at 8:30 am and connecting to a KLM flight to Atlanta that departs at 9:30 am. Will we make the connection?

I am USA citizen considering a flight which is scheduled to arrive AMS from JFK at 10:40am and my connection flight to Minsk is at 12:00pm, 1hr 20m connection time. The flights are on the same ticket, KLM to Belavia Airline. I do have 1 check bagged.

Will 1hr 20m be enough? Will I have to go through passport control? security screen?

That should be enough time. All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
On 22nd November 2017 I arrive from Dublin KLM flight at 19:45 and departure to Athens is at 20:55, KLM flight as well, is it sufficient time?
That should be enough time if everything goes smoothly.
We have a KLM flight from Detroit (DTW) to AMS that arrives at 5:40am and then a departing flight to Rome, Italy at 6:50am. Both are KLM flights, what do we have to do with our checked bags? Is this enough time?
You don't have to do anything with your checked bags. You just have to go through Schengen Entry Passport control and to your departure gate. You have enough time.
KL 934 from Dublin scheduled to arrive at 11.25 and then transfer to dl163/kl6059 to Minneapolis St Paul scheduled to depart at 13.25. From research the KL934 flight can arrive as late as 12.00, is this enough time? what should I expect in terms of passport control/security checks/US clearance? Thank you!
Yes, that should be enough time. You will go through US Security questions and to your departure gate, no passport control since you aren't entering Schengen.
Flight on KLM from Florence, Italy via AMS to Seattle - layover in AMS is only 50 minutes. Is that enough time to get luggage onto flight home and also get to the departure gate from arrival gate?
That is just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Aug 2018 - Arrived AMS from Houston, TX on KLM 662 at 7:15 am. Transfer to KLM 1127 to Copenhagen at 9:45 am (2 1/2 hrs). Is the transfer time adequate and any issues with Customs or Baggage?
That should be plenty of time. You just have to go through Schengen Entry passport control and to your departure gate.
Flight Lithuania - Amsterdam- Chicago . Connecting flight 1h 30 min. Is that enough time ? Do I need to pick up my luggage and go thru security, customs after I land in Amsterdam? Or just change the gate?
Flight is in January.
If both flights are on KLM you just go through US Security questions and to your departure gate.
Stuttgart (arrival 16.05h)via Amsterdam (departure 17.20h)to Hangzhou (HGH), the official time between the flights is 75min. Is this time enough ? (both are KLM flights (December / Saturday)
That should be plenty of time.
I am planning a trip from Stuttgart via AMS to Osaka/Kansai Airport. Only 55 minutes left for reaching the connection flight. Are arrival from Stuttgart and departure to Osaka in the same terminal?
Amsterdam only has one terminal. You should have just enough time.