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I have the below connection,
Arriving from Detroit DL 138 10:25AM Connecting flight to New Delhi DL 7534 11:20AM

Is it possible to make this connection? There is only 55 minutes for changing.
We are leaving flying Delta to AMS and then onto Geneva. We have checked in bags. Do they transfer bags to our next flight or do we need to pick them up and check them in again? We have a 1 hour and 45 minute layover. Is that enough time for everything?
Your bags will be transferred for you, you have enough time. Note that your second flight will be operated by KLM.
We are flying on KLM in Kilimanjaro to Amsterdam arriving at 7:25 am with connection to Portland on Delta at 9:40 am. Is this enough time? We are traveling on two separate tickets and need to reclaim baggage and check in at the transfer desk.
That should be just enough time if everything goes perfectly. You should be able to show your Delta confirmation to the KLM agent in Kilimanjaro to have your bags tagged through to Portland.
We are scheduled to arrive from Florence on KLM#1640 at 1:40PM and depart to Seattle on Delta #0145 at 2:30PM. This is listed as a legal connection, but is it realistic? Thank you!
It's just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I am looking to book Newcastle (NCL) to Barcelona via schipol next June. KLM show 1hour 10 transfer. Will this be sufficient between non Shengen and Shengen area. I will have a checked bag.
Yes, that should be enough time.
Arriving Amsterdam from US on Delta flight operated by KLM and leaving an hour and a half later on KLM flight to Bergen. No checked baggage. Is this enough time?
Yes, that should be enough time.
I will travel from YYZ to AMS with KLM, and from Ams to Porto , Portugal with Transavia. I need in airport to sent something from a Post Office. Can I find one in my way ?? What terminal in for Transavia?
do I have time to make my connection? what is the distance I have to walk from arrival gate to gate I leave from, please tell me what the name of the gates that these airlines use. I'm flying from Denver to TelAviv thank you
connecting from EASYJET 3/21/2018 arriving at 11:15 am, leaving on Transavia at 1240 pm to TLV
Easyjet doesn't fly to Denver. Where are you arriving into Amsterdam from?
thanks for responding..... flying Denver on Norwegian to London LGW
LGW to AMS on Easyjet
Transavia to TelAviv
On 22nd October, my son (15) will be travelling KLM on flight KL1576 Ath-AMS and onwards to Inverness on flight KL0931. There is a 1hr 15" waiting time. I would like to give him clear instructions as to how to make the transfer. Can you help, please?
We are arriving from the US on Delta into AMS then connecting on KLM to BCN. Do we have to go through security or is it just passport control? Thank you.
Just passport control.