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  • Berlin(TXL) > AMS > YYZ
    May 16, 2016
    Hello, I am arriving(via KLM) in AMS @ 7:20AM and departing for Toronto YYZ (Air Transat) at 9AM. This is NOT 1 ticket but I should have a good amount of time to transfer through customs and make the flight? Thank you


    If you have checked bags I don't think that this is reasonably possible. Without checked bags you might have a chance.


  • ATL-> AMS -> EDI (80 min connection in AMS ok?)
    May 11, 2016
    I am looking to book a Delta flight from Atlanta, USA to Edinburgh, UK that has a connection through AMS. The flight gets into AMS at 8:30am and the next leg departs at 9:50am. Is this enough time to go through passport control?


    You won't have to go through passport control as you aren't entering the Schengen Area. That should be enough time.


  • 50 min layover from Paris to Bucharest
    May 17, 2016
    Hello, my flight from Paris arrives at 19:50h at AMS, and my flight to Bucharest departs at 20:40h. Do you think I'll have enough time? Thanks


    Yes, that should be enough time. All flights are within Schengen.


    Great, thank you for the response. Actually still a little bit worried as Bucharest is EU but not Schengen. I understood there's no securtiy screening, only passport control. I hope that if needed I can have access to the fast lane, my inbound to AMS is Air France and outbound to Bucharest is KLM economy class (bought on the same ticket)


    Sorry, I read it as Budapest and not Bucharest. You should still have enough time.


    Thank you for your comments. You are right; I already flew and reached well my destination, I had enough time


  • Transit Different Tickets; Layover > 12 Hrs - Baggage ReCheck-in
    May 9, 2016
    I am travelling from Mumbai to Amsterdam on Jet Airways and Amsterdam to St. Maarten on KLM. I bought separate tickets for the journey. The connection time/ Layover is exactly 24 hours and hence booked a cabin with Yotel for overnight stay. However, what I understand is I would need to collect my check-in bags at the belt and re-check them again since the time between the flights is more than 12 hours. My concern is would I need a transit visa for this procedure? I hold Indian Passport and a Visa for St. Maarten. Or is there any other solution to this? Can Transfer Desk at Schipol Airport where I will go to collect the Boarding Pass for next flight help check-in the luggage?


    Yes, you will need a transit visa. The transfer desk can't do anything with your luggage. It's also unlikely the Jet Airways agent in Mumbai would be able to check your bags through to St. Maarten even if they were willing to due to the length of the layover.


    Would I need a transit visa even if I don't intend to go out of the amsterdam airport and have a residency visa for st. maarten?


    Your St. Maarten residency permit does not absolve you of having to have a Schengen Transit visa and you need a Schengen Transit Visa to go through passport control to claim your bag in Amsterdam with an Indian passport.


    Thank You for your comments!


  • connection at AMS between USA/France flights
    May 9, 2016
    Will we have to go throught passport control? I think our luggage will be checked all the way through. How much time for gate change or passport & gate change is enough?


    Yes, you will go through passport control in Amsterdam. 1 hour is doable but I'd personally prefer a little more.


  • DTW to AMS to GVA
    Jul 28, 2016
    Traveling from US to Geneva Switzerland with a connection in Amsterdam. Do I need to collect my checked bags or are they checked through to next location? I only have 1hour between flights. Concerned that I do not have enough time.


    No, you don't have to do anything with your bags in Amsterdam. You just have to go through passport control.


    Thank you! Will we have enough time with 1hr?


    Yes, that should be enough time.


    Did you have your flight? wondering if the one hour was enough?


    It's not till June. I'll post when we get there if it's enough.


    we made it but our flight was already boarding when we arrived at the gate. It was a tight fit. The passport check lines were extremely long.


  • From Turin to Boston via AMS 1.55 min connection time
    May 6, 2016
    Arriving from Turin with DL9459 at 8:35 am and departing for Boston at 10:30 am with DL125. Does the PDC (Pre-Departure Center) interview allow for enough time ? Thank you very much


    Yes, nearly 2 hours should be plenty of time.


  • 1 hour layover
    Aug 16, 2016
    Arriving from Toronto at 9am. What are the chances of missing the 10am flight to Belgrade?


    Is the Jet Airways Flight from Toronto always arriving at one of the G gates?


    Also, which gates are in Arrival 3? Are those same gates in Departure 3?


    What airline are you flying to Belgrade? Are both tickets on the same reservation or separate ones?


    Air Serbia, same reservation. How about the gates-related questions?


    All gates in Amsterdam are common use. You could arrive and depart from any Non-Schengen gate. It's also really easy to get between gates so I wouldn't worry about it. You should have enough time as long as your flight from Toronto is on-time. Jet Airways uses D and E and Air Serbia uses D.


    Actually, I discovered that yesterday Air Serbia took off from G2 gate. Thank you anyway. Does anyone know how often the luggage doesn't make it from JAI-233 to JU-361 (10% or 40% or 70% of times)?


    Hello, I think we are doing the same itinerary. From Toronto - Amsterdam- Belgrade


  • 80 Min connection - US to Schengen
    May 3, 2016
    We will be arriving from New York with United in Terminal D and have to connect to Eurowings in Terminal B. All on ONE Ticket and with checked through baggage. Is this enough time? We have EU passports! Do we have to clear security again or just passport control?


    Amsterdam only has one terminal. You will just go through passport control and to your departure gate. You have enough time.


  • Toronto-Amsterdam-Tallinn
    May 3, 2016
    Is a 1hr layover enough time to connect from a Jet Airways Flight from Toronto onto a Air Baltic flight heading to Tallinn?


    Are both tickets on the same reservation? Do you have checked bagage?


    Same Reservation. No checked Bags - Carry On.


    Then you should be able to make it.


  • 65 min connection time AMS
    May 1, 2016
    Flying Delta from Seattle to Warsaw with a 65 min connection time in AMS. Is this enough time to get through passport control and make my connecting flight?


    Yes, that should be enough time as long as your flight from Seattle is on-time.


    Will I have to go thru passport control?


    Since Poland is in the Schengen Area, you will be entering the Schengen Area in Amsterdam and go through passport control there.


  • 70 min layover
    May 1, 2016
    I am going from Minneapolis to Amsterdam, and then from AMS to Delhi. My Layover is only 70min in Amsterdam, will that be enough time to make it to the next flight?? Thanks


    Yes, that is enough time. All you have to do in Amsterdam is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.


  • 1hr connecting time Schengen-Non Schengen
    Apr 30, 2016
    Is it enough to make it and are there additional security screenings other than the US interview and passport control?


    That's just enough time if everything goes smoothly. I'm assuming that since you asked about US Interview that you are flying to the US.


    Exactly. Flying HAJ-AMS-MSP with 1hr connecting time in AMS. Found differnt information about a security screening while transfering Schengen-Non-Schengen in AMS. Some say only passport and documents at Delta, other also say security screening. So I'm a little worried about making the connection..


    You will not have to go through security (bag x-ray) and metal detector since you are coming from another EU country in Amsterdam. You will just go through Schengen exit passport control and security questions.


  • LON-AMS-YYZ with 2 hours to connect
    Apr 29, 2016
    I'm looking at a flight that includes a British airways flight from London to AMS and then an Air Canada flight to Toronto. With Canadian passports. Will 2 hours and 10 minutes be enough time to connect?


    If both tickets are on the same reservation that should be enough time.


    Yes they are on the same ticket from Expedia. What procedure do I have to do in terms of customs and security. Sorry for asking im just very new to connecting flights.


    No customs since you won't be entering the Schengen Area, and no security since you're coming from a country with approved security procedures. All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.


  • Transfer times
    Apr 25, 2016
    I am travelling on KLM from Malaysia (KUL) to Stockholm (ARN) via Amsterdam. The transfer time is 50 minutes in AMS - is this sufficient time? Thank you.


    It's possible but doesn't leave any time to spare for delays.


    Thanks very much for the quick response!


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