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I'll be traveling from atlanta to copenhagen, with a connection in amsterdam. Will I go through passport control when I land in amsterdam?
Yes, you will go through Schengen Entry passport control in Amsterdam.
Flying in from US on August 14, arrive 10:50 am - need to catch RAGOM flight to Bucharest at 11:50 am. Do I have enough time if no checked bags? Do I do customs in Bucharest or Amsterdam?
You are not entering the Schengen Area, so you will go through Passport control and customs in Bucharest. I don't know what "RAGOM" is. Do you mean "TAROM"? You have enough time if both flights are on the same reservation.
Yes Romanian air, my typo
No, they are not on the same reservation, I fly in on KLM and then have to move to TAROM. One hour exactly, and pass though customs. I may have to choose another flight? Thank for your quick response!
In that case, I don't think an hour is enough time.
I don't think it is enough time either, thank you for helping!
We are flying from Chicago to Amsterdam on DL flight operated by KLM arriving at 6:45 am and departing on DL operated by KLM at 7:40 am we will have bags. 1. Is this enough connection time and Do we have to pick up our bags and go through customs?
All you have to do in Amsterdam is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have enough time.
We are flying from Seattle to AMS in May. Arrival at 13h and connecting to Air France (HOP!)1337 (Embraer)at 14h55 to Strasbourg and Bordeaux. We will have to retrieve luggage and check it in again. Do we have time to make the connection
If it's two separate reservations with your bags not checked through to Bordeaux that will be really difficult.
Arrive at 8:35 am. Will only have a carry on bag. Am looking at a British Airways flight to London at 10:25 am. Is that enough time to catch the connection? Thanks
With carry-ons only that should be enough time if the flight from Portland is on-time.
I am flying delta and klm from lax to moscow with a 5 hr layover in ams! One reservation! Do I have to grab bags in ams and recheck?
Hi there
I'm flying with Klm from Tehran (Ika) and arriving at AMS on Mar 4 and I have 3hrs layover and my next flight is with KLM to Los angles (LAX). I'm wondering what terminal will I be arriving in AMS and what terminal will I be departing from AMS? Do I have to go through security check again? I don't have to collect my luggage.
Thank you
Amsterdam only has one terminal. Yes, you will go through security upon arriving from Tehran.
Hi. I'll be arriving in AMS from Dublin at 8.30am and my next flight to Kilimanjaro leaves at 10.15am. Thats 1hr 45mins. I don't have to collect luggage. Will that be enough time? Do I need to go through security/passport control again? Just thinking if I have liquids that I picked up in Dublin airport. I think I'll be arriving at the D gates. Any advice gratefully received, thanks. D,
You will not go through passport control since you are not entering the Schengen Area. You just have to go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
We're arriving in AMS, 22 Jun @ 15:25 on KL744 from Lima. We have a choice for our connection to CWL. KL1063 leaves at 16:25, the next flight after this some 5 hours later @ 21.10. Do we have time to make the connection to the 16:25 flight or should we book the later one (would much prefer the earlier one for obvious reasons) Thanks
The first flight should be doable.
Two layovers at CDG and AMS, 1h10m each. I've managed the CDG connection before, but I'm not sure if the AMS connection is comfortably doable. Traveling alone, not a *huge* deal if I miss it, but I don't like getting stressed out. Should I do it?
Also, any advice on the CDG connection? Flight from TUN arrives at Terminal 2E, and flight to AMS leaves from Terminal 2F. Air France website says ~30 minutes for the trip from 2E to 2F. That leaves barely enough time, right?

The AMS connection time should be sufficient. AMS is a lot more efficient than CDG.
My international connection (to the USA) is 70 minutes. So basically I have 40 minutes to catch the flight before they close the gate. Is it possible to make it through security? The advised time for international flight is 50 minutes. Any suggestions?

Where are you flying from and to and on what airline?