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Flying in August on Delta from Boston arriving at 7:50 am and considering a 9:35 am flight on KLM to Munich. Will we have to clear immigration before boarding the next flight? If so, is this enough time in between flights to risk buying this ticket?
Forgot to mention that we will not check luggage!
When you arrive you will go through Schengen Entry passport control and go to your departure gate. You have enough time.
I have a flight out of AMS to San Francisco at 11:35 am and I was going to fly in from London and arrive at 9:05am (they're two different reservations). Does that leave me enough time? Would I have to go through the passport check? Also I will only have a carry on luggage with me.
With only carry-ons you won't have to go through passport control. Just go to the KLM Transfer desk to get your SFO boarding pass if you aren't able to check in online and then go through US Security questions and to your departure gate. You should have enough time.
I am on a Delta flight from Slc to

I am flying Delta from SLC to AMS, where I will have a connection on a KLM flight to Florence Italy. Our connection time is only one hour at AMS. Will that be enough time to board my KLM to Italy?

That's just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Thanks so much for the quick reply!!
Will be arriving at 6:00 pm on Aeromexico and have another reservation with KLM at 9:00 pm to Athens. Is that enough time tonmakenthe connection if we have to pick up baggage, do security check baggage in etc... since they are two different bookings.
Hello, I found prices very reasonable if I fly roundtrip from Seattle to AMS, and then AMS to London (I will be spending time in both cities). How long should I allow before my AMS to London flight (same day)? Any customs or other connection time I need to consider? Thanks, Cecil
An hour is doable. There is no Customs if making a simple connection between the US and London over AMS all on the same reservation.
Sorry, just saw this was two separate reservations. In that case I recommend 3 hours.
I have a booking from Berlin to Amsterdam (KLM Royal Dutch KL 1824 | 73H ) and then from Ams to delhi (KLM Royal Dutch KL 871 | 789) . Run by Klm flight. The connecting flight is in next 50 mins. Is that time enough?
Yes, you just have to go through Schengen Exit Passport Control and to your departure gate.
so I don't have to go through again immigration and 50 mins is enough for it?
Thank you for your answer!
Schengen Exit Passport Control is "Immigration" but is a very brief process.
I'm arriving from Prague and have 60 minutes to catch my flight to LAX. Will that be enough time?
That's just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Wondering if we will have enough time to catch my next flight before booking tickets. Flight is scheduled to arrive at 12:15pm and next flight is at 2:00pm. We would like to have one checked bag with us if time allows.
On two separate reservations with checked bags I think that's just a little too risky for my tastes. You could do it without checked bags.
I will be traveling from Mumbai to Amsterdam (Jet Airways) and onward to Munich (KLM), the layover time at AMS is 1 hr 20 min (in the morning at around 8.30), both legs of the journey booked on the same ticket. Is the layover time sufficient?
Yes, that should be enough time. You will go through Security and Schengen Entry passport control in Amsterdam.
Thank you
flying from Dub to Amsterdam connecting with Xiamen Airlines (MF) to Xiamen Int Airport and connecting with China Southern Airlines (CZ) to Guilin Airport (KWL).Is there English language signage at Xiamen Int Airport? Anything I need to know re this journey please.
The pictures I can find show that Xiamen airport has some English Signage but it may not be complete and may not be very good.
We have 1h 50 min from BIO to AMS and then to JFK. Will that be enough? What if we can't make it for a delay?
Yes, that's plenty of time. If you miss your connection you will be rebooked on the next available flight to New York.
Hi. Leaving BOS on delta (KLM operated) in October arriving at AMS 5:50am with 1 hr 25 min layover and KLM to Rome. Do I have enough time to make my connection. No checked baggage.