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We are flying from Sofia, Bulgaria on one airline (Bulgaria Air) and then flying to Toronto on Air Canada. Will be have to go through passport control etc? How much time should we need? We have 3 hrs.
If you have checked bags, yes, you will have to go through passport control, claim your bags, re-check them with KLM, and go through exit passport control and security. 3 hours should be just enough time.
I arrive in AMS from Glasgow at 8:35 on KLM. My flight to Houston leaves at 11:05 on United. I am on two separate reservations with a checked bag. Is this enough time to clear Passport control, grab my bag and re-check in with United?
I really don't think that's enough time. By the time you are through passport control with your bag, you will have missed the bag check cutoff for United.
I will be carrying that bag on the UA flight as it is a 22" roller bag. Will KLM let me carry-on the 22" roller bag from Glasgow vs checking it?
they likely will but I can't guarantee it.
Hello, I am traveling from the US to Scotland, and I have a connection in Amsterdam. Will I need to pass through both security and passport control upon arrival or just security? What about on the way back?
Hello. My son will be flying to AMS from U.S, arriving at 6am on Delta. Then, he has a separate reservation where he will be going to Rome via Alitalia at 11:35am. He will have a checked bag.Will he have to go through passport control, claim bag, go through customs, recheck bag with Alitalia, and then go through security? Thanks for any help you can give.
Yes, that is what he has to do. He has enough time.
Thank you. I just have one more question...does he go through passport control as soon as he gets off first plane, before he boards 2nd plane, or does he have to go through it both times? Thanks again!
He will just go through it once, when he enters the Schengen Pier of Terminal 1.
Arriving on KLM from Glasgow at 11:50 and transferring to Delta for 12:50 US flight (am US citizen). Is this enough time? What security/passport control will I have to go through?
Since you are not entering the Schengen Area you do not have to go through passport control. You just have to go through US Security questions and to your departure gate.
Thank you very much
We are arriving from Norwich to AMS and connecting to the Calgary flight, both on KLM. What checks will I go through upon arrival in AMS?
All you will do is walk from your arrival gate (which will probably be a bus gate) to your departure gate
Thanks for your response. Very helpful
Hi . I am trying to catch a flight to Doha shortly after arriving in AMS with Ryanair from dublin. I am wondering about connection times between Ryanair desk and Qatar airways? it is tight for time so needs to be close!
Do you have checked bags? How much time to do you have?
Am flying from Split, Croatia to Salt Lake City, Utah, USA with a connection in Amsterdam. Flights are both KLM. Will I have to go through any customs and immigration? I am not allowed in the Shengen zone as I have exceeded my 90 days.
You will not go through passport control in Amsterdam. You should be OK. I understand your situation, it's really hard to get from Croatia to the USA without going through the Schengen Area. Your only real other option would be to go through Ukraine or Russia.
Arriving from US into AMS on Delta at 840am connecting to KLM at 935am to Rome. will I have enough connect time?
That will be difficult but not impossible.
I have a inbound flight from Barcelona on Vueling Airlines that arrives at 09:25. I have a seperate booking on British Airways departing for Philidephia At 10:55. Assuming I just need to go through passport control, is 1:30 enough time for a connecting flight? (Schengen to Non-Schengen connection)
Thanks for your input!
Do you have checked bags or not?
No checked bags!
Then that is just enough time if everything goes smoothly.