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My wife and I are flying from Norfolk, VA to Geneva on Delta via Atlanta and Amsterdam soon. Our Amsterdam to Geneva flight is a KLM Cityhopper. When we arrive in Amsterdam (3 hr 40 min layover) whole due expect that our luggage will be checked through to Geneva, AND we won't have to collect it and re-screen it? What security screening/passport/Immigration control should we expect to go through? I am guessing that 3 hr 40 min should be more than enough time for us to accomplish this and enjoy some of what the airport has to offer?
We are looking at a flight to Johannesburg from Seattle on Delta with 1 stop in AMS. Will 2 hours be enough time between flights??
I am arriving AMS 18 Sep by KL 452 at 0710 and have to depart for Pearson by KL 692 at 0940. Travelling with family, please guide how much time would we need to conveniently switch? Thanks
I am flying in on 8/25/17 - arriving from Philadelphia on American - arriving at 8:40am. I am scheduled to leave on KLM 11:20 flight to Budapest. Am I going to have enough time to get my bag and get to next flight?
I am scheduled to arrive at AMS at 10:35am on 11 September (on a flight from TXL) and am trying to make my other flight at 1:20pm back home to the US. Both flights are with KLM, but they are separate reservations. Meaning, I would have to go through customs, and claim my baggage and re-check it before my flight to the US, I assume.

Is this connection time too tight? Can/should I try to link the flight reservations on KLM so that I do not have to claim & re-check my bags for the 2nd flight?
That should be enough time. Yes, you should still try to link the reservations to make it easier. Also, there is no Customs when traveling from Berlin to Amsterdam.
thanks for the info and the quick response!! I will try to link the reservations. Much appreciated.
I have a flight from Newcastle UK with 50 minute transfer to my next flight to New Delhi. Both flights are with KLM booked on the same reservation. Is 50 minutes enough time for the transfer? Can I just go from gate to gate or do I have to go through passport control?
You just have to go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have enough time if the Newcastle flight is on-time.
Thank you for the speedy response, first time doing connecting flights, fingers crossed our Newcastle flight is on time.
I'm scheduled to arrive on 01/30/18 AMS on KLM 569 DAR to AMS at 07:10 (concorse F). On a different ticket, I depart on United 71 AMS to EWR(Newark) at 09:15 (concorse G). If I only have carry-on, do you think I'll make this connection ?What security and customs stations should I head for? Thank you!
With no checked bags I think you can do it. Just follow signs to your departure gate. You won't have to go through any immigration or customs, just security.
We have a flight landing from tel Aviv to Amsterdam, then a 1.15hr connection layover in Amsterdam. Is this enough time to get our connection to LAX? All our flights are klm.
Yes, that should be enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Travelling from Newcastle to Schiphol then a connecting flight to Johannesburg. Will we need to travel to a different gate. Have just under 2 hours to change.
That should be plenty of time.
Hi, I am coming by flight KL 0872 from India to Amsterdam that lands in terminal 3 and my connecting flight is KL 3393 from terminal 1 to Madrid. Will I need to go through immigration of my Schengen visa at Amsterdam or will that happen when I land in Madrid ?
You're misreading your reservation, Amsterdam has only one terminal. You will go through Schengen Entry passport Control in Amsterdam.