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We have a flight landing from tel Aviv to Amsterdam, then a 1.15hr connection layover in Amsterdam. Is this enough time to get our connection to LAX? All our flights are klm.
Yes, that should be enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Travelling from Newcastle to Schiphol then a connecting flight to Johannesburg. Will we need to travel to a different gate. Have just under 2 hours to change.
That should be plenty of time.
Hi, I am coming by flight KL 0872 from India to Amsterdam that lands in terminal 3 and my connecting flight is KL 3393 from terminal 1 to Madrid. Will I need to go through immigration of my Schengen visa at Amsterdam or will that happen when I land in Madrid ?
You're misreading your reservation, Amsterdam has only one terminal. You will go through Schengen Entry passport Control in Amsterdam.
My wife and I are arriving on Delta Airline from the US. Then we transfer to a local flight (KLM Cityhopper) for Dresden, Germany. Do we need to get our luggage before customs and recheck them to the local airline or are they checked through and we need not have to handle them? Thank you for any help.
You don't have to do anything with your bags in Amsterdam, just go through Schengen Entry passport control.
I am flying in from Bristol UK landing at 11.35 and getting a flight to Atlanta US at 13.00. I am worried about the transfer time and extra security as I'm on a Delta flight to the US. Will I have enough time to transfer and what kind of security will I go through? Thank you.
Edited to say we have booked a through ticket all with KLM (although using Delta flights). I am slightly concerned as I am travelling with a 6 year old too who does sometimes slow me down!
Hello Hannah!
I shall be taking this same route. I am hoping you can share some feedback if you have already flown.

In December 2017 I will fly from San Jose ( Costa Rica ) to Schiphol being transit to Oslo. Booked on KLM website and all flights are with KLM. Once arriving at Schiphol, do I need to pass by Security and Passport check ? cheers
We are travelling from Toronto to Amsterdam in September. Arriving in Amsterdam at 6:30am. We have to catch a connecting flight to Manchester England leaving at 7:55am. This trip was booked on one ticket and both flights are KLM flights. Will we need to do a passport check and security check in Amsterdam? Is an hour and twenty minutes enough time to make our flight to Manchester?
I'm leaving Edmonton to Amsterdam direct and connecting to stuggart . Whete do I clear customs.
You go through Schengen Entry passport control in Amsterdam.
Canadian citizen through booked on KLM to Rome from Glasgow early on 08 Sep with a plane change at Schiphol. 40 minute turnaround time. With the Schengen passport control should there be enough time to make connection?
NWI to AMS on KLM Cityhopper; 90 minute layover; AMS to ORD on Icelandair.
Is there enough time to claim luggage and check in on Icelandair?
That will be really difficult, bordering on impossible.
Have similar situation. Did it work??