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  • 50 min layover
    Nov 19, 2014
    I will be traveling from ATL to PRG with a connection in AMS. My layover is 50 minutes. Is this enough time? What are the procedures I should expect?


  • Going to Aruba
    Oct 8, 2014
    My friend from Russia has Cariibean Netherlands visa, but unexperienced in foregn travel. I am a US citizen. Can I meet my friend in AMS at the gate from Moscow, so we together can board flight to Aruba? Can my friend stop in AMS in a hotel with Caribbean visa? If there is no answers - please advise where I can find them.


    Since your friend is not entering the Schengen Area he will not be allowed to exit the non-schengen wing of the terminal. You MAY be able to get to his arrival gate, but there's no guarantee of that. It should not be hard for him to get from his arrival gate to his departure gate.


  • Connecting AMS to KRS - baggage?
    Aug 29, 2014
    My wife is flying MSP-AMS-KRS; MSP-AMS on Delta, AMS-KRS on KLM City. After arriving in AMS, will she only go through passport control? Will she have to collect baggage, customs, and re-check, or is baggage sent straight through to Kristiansand and only passport control and customs in Norway? She is traveling on a Brazilian passport.


    No, she won't have to claim her baggage in AMS. She will go through Schengen passport control and security when she enters the departure pier for her KRS flight.


  • ATL to AMS to RAK with Delta
    Aug 13, 2014
    Hi, I am a US Citizen and I will be traveling from Atlanta to AMS to RAK in Marrakesh. Is 1 hour and 45 minutes enough time to connect in AMS? Thanks!


    Sorry, it is through KLM.


    Yes, that should be enough time. As both flights are outside schengen all you have to do in AMS is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate and go through security.


  • Non checked thro' flight, non-Schengen to non-Schengen
    Mar 31, 2014
    Upon arriving at Schipol, I will need to collect my baggage as it cannot be 'checked through' to my destination. After doing so, will I be required to pass thro' Immigration/Customs and then repeat to re-enter OR It is possible to collect my baggage and proceed directly to my next departure area?


    Non-Schengen to non-Schengen flights don't require immigration proceedings. Pick up your bag on arrival, check it in with connecting airline, go through security check and on to your connecting gate.


    Many thanks 'sumar14'! Your answer is exactly what I wanted and has prevented any problems upon arriving at Schipol. Now if only Schipol etc could be so efficient and as responsive?


  • Traveling with all carry on from Seattle to AMS to Rome via easy jet.
    Dec 27, 2013
    We are flying in on delta from Seattle then taking easy jet to Rome. We we'll have no checked bags. Do we have to go through customs and security to get on easy jet flight? Thanks!!!


    You will go through EU immigration and customs, then have to check in for your EasyJet flight, then go through security. There will be no immigration when you arrive in Rome since both the Netherlands and Italy are in the Schengen area.


  • transferring at Schiphol for flight to Canada
    Jun 8, 2014
    My travel agent is suggesting a KLM flight from France that arrives in Schiphol and then we would have to transfer to another KLM flight for Montreal, Canada, I can see a map showing concourses labelled by letters but no info on which concourse one can find departures for North America, is 55 min really enough? (We have EU passports)?


    You won't have to go through any immigration in Amsterdam and AMS is made for tight connections. It should be enough time.


    just to let you know FRance is the worst airport i have ever gone through and everyone we spoke to after agreed ,never never never again. Amsterdam is great and helpfull, best airport ever and polite .even if we have lost a suitcase ,probably now after 5dys never to be found again.


  • travel time enough between 2 different flight?
    Oct 7, 2013
    2 hour 15 minute wil be enough to custom check, bag drop, security check etc when flying two different flight? I fly from uk use KLM then to Milan, italy use easy jet. Is that space of time enough? Thanks a lot.


    That will be tough but it should be enough time. Make sure to check-in online for your easyjet flight.


  • transfer time to departure
    Oct 7, 2013


  • Sufficient layover time for quick visit
    May 29, 2013
    I have a 4:40 layover at Schiphol. Is this enough time for a very quickly visit to downtown Amsterdam? Thanks!


  • Need help with transfer
    Apr 6, 2013
    We arrive from Minneapolis via KLM/Delta flight, have a 2h40m layover and then transfer to another KLM/Delta flight to Venice, Italy. I get that we have to go thru pasport control for a non. schenegean country...but then what? Do we have to pick up our bags, take them thru customs and recheck before going on to connecting flight. I do not find the Schiphol site to be of any help with these details. Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks.


    Indeed AMS site is not clear on that. However - judging from some other large EU airports - after passport check you proceed to baggage claim where you retrieve your bags and go with them through customs clearance - if continuing journey, you need to re-check them in at designated area.


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