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I am traveling from Atlanta to Amsterdam and then onto Cape Town. My first flight is Delta and my second is KLM but they were booked together. My layover is two hours. Will that be enough time and will I have to go through any sort of customs in Amsterdam?
Yes, that is enough time. All you have to do in Amsterdam is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. There is no passport control because you are not entering the Schengen Area.
we are arriving from venice to amsterdam and then catching a connecting flight to Nantes but the stopover time is only 40 mins. Is this going to be enough time? we will only have carry on luggage.
Yes, since everything is within Schengen that should be enough time.
I"m flying from the United States to AMS on Nov 11 arriving in AMS on the morning of Nov 12 and am connecting to Entebbe, Uganda. Will I have to get my bags and re-check them upon arrival in AMS? I only have 2 hours. I am flying Delta/KLM the entire way. Thanks,
No, you do not have to do anything with your bags in Amsterdam. All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have enough time.
Connecting in Amsterdam from Africa to US. Is is best to purchase a lounge pass in Terminal 1 or Terminal 2/3?
Amsterdam only has one terminal.
I have two tickets I arrive from Moscow to AMS and I have an hour and 45 minutes to get through customs, get bags and get to gate. Will I have enough time? Thank you.
What airlines are you flying? Where are you flying from Amsterdam to?
I am flying KLM to Amsterdam and then on Delta to NY. I booked two reservations. Thank you.
I think you have just enough time if you can get your bag checked through to New York. Show your Delta confirmation to the KLM agent in Moscow.
Hello, I'm traveling on Delta Boston-Amsterdam and then KLM amsterdam- Copenhagen all on the same booking. When I land in Amsterdam do I need to pickup my bags at the carousel and then recheck and go through security? Or will my bags be checked through to Copenhagen?

Thank you!
You don't have to do anything with your bags in Amsterdam. You just have to go through Schengen entry passport control and to your departure gate.
My wife and I are flying from the UK to Abu Dhabi via Amsterdam with KLM.. I am confused regarding schengen / non schengen security and passport checks. Can someone please let me know what to expect when we arrive at Schipol . We have just over 2 hours between flights. Thank you.
All you have to do in Amsterdam is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
I am travelling from Canada to Amsterdam, 10 hour layover, and then onto Barcelona. My original flight is with KLM and the second is with Delta. Will the airline check the bags straight through to Barcelona or will we have to collect in Amsterdam? We would like to leave the airport during the 10 hours.
Both flights will be on KLM. If both tickets are on the same reservation and the layover is not overnight, then the bags will go straight to Barcelona.
I have an Indian passport and I am travelling from USA to India and return. Do I need a transit visa ?
If you have a valid US Visa then you don't need a schengen airport tranist visa.
Flying delta to Amsterdam and then on a separate ticket, I am flying to Bergerac on Transavia. Does anyone know if these airlines have worked out the partnership? Do i have to go out of the secure space and recheck in once I am in Amsterdam or can I combine the tickets into one reservation? thanks
Delta will not check through bags to other airlines not purchased on the same reservation except for a handful of close Skyteam partners, of which Transavia is not one, You will have to go out of the secure area and transfer your bags yourself.