International Travelers at Rio de Janeiro Galeao GIG Airport

United States citizens need a Visa which cannot be issued on-Airport. The charge for the Visa is $100 - and can be obtained from the nearest Brazilian embassy.

Lost & Found at Rio de Janeiro Galeao GIG Airport

For items lost at the check-in counter, at the departure gate area or onboard the airplane, contact your airline.

For items lost inside the terminals, contact Lost & Found at
(a) Terminal 1 - tel. (21) 3398-4152 or 3044;
(b) Terminal 2  - tel. (21) 3398-2013.

Mail Center / U.S. Post Office at Rio de Janeiro Galeao GIG Airport

The Post office is open during regular business hours.

Pets / Animals at Rio de Janeiro Galeao GIG Airport

Live animals may be transported in non-cargo aircraft in a compartment intended for cargo and baggage. The transport of domestic animals (dogs and cats) in the passenger cabin may be admitted provided that the animals are transported with safety, in appropriate packaging and without causing discomfort to the other passengers. It is also permitted to transport a trained dog to lead a person with a sight or hearing problem in the passenger cabin. The passenger must present the animal’s health certificate, supplied by the State Department of Agriculture, by the Post of the Animal Defense Department and a Veterinary doctor.

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