ANR Flights & Airlines

Airlines served: 2

Direct Flights: 2

Shortest Direct Flight: 192 mi
LCY Airport

Longest Direct Flight: 322 mi
MAN Airport

Direct Flights from Antwerp ANR

Destinations served directly by Antwerpen Deurne (ANR) Airport's Airlines
Average flight distance from ANR Airport to direct flight destination
Flight Time:
Average flight times between Antwerpen Deurne Airport and destination. Varies by type of aircraft.
Fare Range:
Direct flight average fare ranges from economy-coach to full-fare coach, Antwerpen Deurne (ANR) to destination
London City (LCY) 192 mi 00:20 - 00:23 hrs $38 - $173
Manchester (MAN) 322 mi 00:34 - 00:40 hrs $64 - $289

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