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If I am coming from overseas and I bring something with me that I want to ship to a friend, is there a tax I must pay?
Duty depends on what it is and how much it is worth.
Every time I fly into BEI the wifi doesn't work, ever. My Mac finds BWI Free wifi or Boingo hotspot and does connect to a access point, but there's no internet. What gives? I look around and everyone is on their mobile phones using their phone data because even if they fire up their laptop they still can't connect. Sad.
My first international flight out of the country and my experience was horrible. Upon my 2 1/2 early arrival to the airport, I needed help in getting to where I needed to be, I had to different employees take me to Delta Airlines and Southwest to stand in the line's and find out that is where I was not to be and they could not help me find Swift Airlines. By the time I arrived at the correct dept to check in, no one was there to check me in, the employee told me someone would be back, 20 minutes later no one came, so I began asking everyone for help, I was finally taken up to the point of being taken on the plane when I told them no one checked me in and I don't have my ticket's. I was then told to come back next Friday when the next international flight was to leave, the joke's were rude and they could cleary see I was upset over this mess up. So I missed the flight had to purchase new ticket's for a vacation that was paid for already. Not sure I would ever again rely on help from their employee's to het me to where I needed to be. Thank for ruining my first out of the country vacation BWI!!!!!!
Been in line since 3:30am just to check our newborn. 4.25 the 2 southwest ticket people finally came out from their coffee time and are slowly about to begin. Getting here any earlier would not have helped as there has not been anyone here working until this point l.(and I wouldn't really call it working)
I lost bracelet in hourly parking lot space 4C-171/ Southwest ticketing terminal on 10/3. It is sentimental-St. Christopher medal belonged to my father who passed away in 2012
It is almost as if you do not want anyone to pick up someone at your airport. I looked for 1 and half hours but there is no info for picking up someone. (what lane, inside outside that kind of thing.
The free Cell Phone Lot on Elkridge Landing Road (remain with your car until your party has picked up luggage and calls you to be picked up at the curb.) The Hourly Parking Garage right across the terminal complex - with the Daily Parking Garage behind it: The Cell Phone lot is opposite the Daily Garage.
Did you notice that the only "free" on the reply was for cell phones over a half a mile (or more) away from the airport?Yes, unless you PAY UP to park, security will have you circling the airport for hours- and don't try to ask them any questions either- they won't hear of it, 'cause you gotta keep moving ! Instead of the "free state", Maryland should be the "Pay up or get out!" state.
Can I accompany my 94 yr old mother to gate even if I am not flying
Most Airports will make allowances for this kind of situation. I suggest you contact the Airport at (410) 859 7111) or through Another option is to head straight to the information desk in the arrivals area and request permission.
I'm looking for a position available in an airline in Baltimore Aiport. I have good experience in aviation industry as customer service. I'm from Colombia but a have been in Florida,USA for 15 yrs. can someone help me?????? please!!!!!
Assuming you have at least a green card, try these options: 1. This link gets you to BWI's airlines and their contacts: 2. With a resume in hand, visit BWI and go to each ticket counter(at a non-rush hour time) and speak to the attendant. She will be able to direct you to the airline office. Put your best foot forward! Good luck.