Parking Options at Beijing Capital Airport

Beijing Airport has parking garages for each of the three passenger terminals:  While Garages 1 & 2 are opposite their Terminals 1 & 2,  oval-shaped Garage 3 ('GTC') is opposite the west end of Terminal 3.

Parking Garage 1 - located south of Terminal 1 - with 600 spaces is intended for temporary and overnight parking and has four exits & four entries.
Parking Garage 2 with four underground and two above-ground levels - located in front of Terminal 2 - with 4,282 parking spaces, including 153 large-sized, 23 medium-sized, and 20 disabled spaces.
Parking Garage 3 is an oval-shaped multi-level building - located south of Terminal 3:
Basement level 1 has 3,300 spaces, which include spaces for disabled passengers. 
Level 1 is the Business District & houses the police station, offices, and more. 
Level 2 houses the Express railway station, and connects to Terminal 3.
Parking Garage 5 is south of T1, next to Parking Garage 1 - it has 130 spaces and is intended for temporary & overnight parking.

Parking Rates at PEK Airport

Small cars
Rate: Discount for overnig RMB 50.00/Day
Within 30 minutes Free
30-60 minutes RMB 6.0
every 30 minutes aft RMB 5.0
daily charge top RMB 80.00/Day
Large Cars
Rate: Within 30 minutes RMB 5.0
30-60 minutes RMB 5.0
every 30 minutes aft RMB 10.0
daily charge top The first day: RMB 1
Discount for overnig The first day: RMB 1

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