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The layover at PEK from LAX to MNL is around 1.5Hrs. I have heard of comments about confusion about transfers. What is the best way to get from one gate to another?
what airlines are you flying? You will have to go through Chinese immigration for your connection.
Air China
I fly from Guilin with China Southern Airlines to Beijing and then have 3.5hrs to connect with flight to Amsterdam with same airline. Can I check bag & get boarding cards from Guilin to Amsterdam. Also is 3.5hrs enough time to make connection. Thankyou
Yes, you should be issued all boarding passes in Guilin and your bags should be checked through to Amsterdam.
I fly klm Amsterdam to Beijing. I have 3.5hrs to get connecting domestic flight also with klm to Guilinn. Will I have enough time? Is it complicated? Thankyou.
Your flight to Guilin will be operated by another airline, not KLM. It isn't a very complex process.
Is an hour enough time to make a connecting flight in the PEK airport?
Where are you flying from and to? What airlines are you on?
I am flying into PEK via Air China from HKG. I will be transit to Delta to fly to the USA. Is transit in PEK like HKG where you do have to go through security but not immigration and customs and reclaim your bag or is it like PVG where you do have to do all that. I have 2 hours but I had a problem the last time I tried it through PVG as my bag never arrived and they wouldn't let me exit til it arrived.
It's like in PVG
Thank you ZAP. I also heard that I will have to transfer from Terminal 3 to Terminal 2. Do you know approx how much time I should allow for the Customs, Immigration, Baggage and terminal transfer?
Thanks in advance.