Guest Services at Beijing Capital PEK Airport

Left-Luggage Counters
T1 - at east of Corridor between T1 to T2
T2 - near gate 9 in the arrival hall on the first floor, and gates 8 & 10 in the departure hall on the second floor. Luggage can be left there for hours or days. Electric ciphony cases are provided for baggage left for hours, facilitating deposit of small-size articles. Cargo shelves are also provided for big-size luggage left for days. Tel: 010-64598151 or 010-64598152. Standard Fees are:
20 Yuan/day for the luggage measuring less than 65 cm in circumference.
30 Yuan/day for luggage measuring between 65 and 200 cm in circumference.
50 Yuan/day for luggage measuring no more than 200 cm in circumference.

Luggage Packing
are located at the head of the checking island with counters C, F, and in the departure hall on the second floor. Standard fees are: 10 Yuan for each package. Free paper boxes are provided for packing liquid.

Lost & Found at Beijing Capital PEK Airport

If you lost an item at the gate area or onboard your airplane, contact your airline.

If you lost an item in a passenger terminal of PEK Airport, contact  the Lost & Found office:
For Terminals 1 & 2 - call 0086-10-64598333 - or visit The Passenger Service Center near gates 15, at level 1, of T2.
For Terminal 3 - call 0086-10-64530030 - or go to one of the two Lost & Found desks located in the post-security areas at (a) the western information desk, behind T3C Security Inspection, (b) the General Information Desk, south of the Water Spray Timer of T3E.

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