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Parking Options at Belfast Airport

The new drop-off/pick-up zone with two lanes and four rows of spaces may be used for up to ten minutes at a charge of 1 B.Pound.  If you need more than 10 minutes, use the short-stay carpark next to the dop-off zone.
  Other parking options at Belfast International Airport: Parking is available in 8,000 spaces at the following car parks. Parking fees stated are in British Pounds: 1. The Short-Term and Pick-up Car Park is within walking distance of the passenger terminal. 2. The Main Car Park, also within walking distance, is best for business or short term use. 3. Long-Term Car Park offer favorable fees when you  pre-booking.

Parking Rates at BFS Airport

Turn-Up & Pay
Description:Payment should be made at the automatic machines within, and adjacent to, the terminal building before returning to your vehicle.  The machines accept all major credit and debit cards or cash (change can be given).

You can also insert your credit card into the machine when you arrive at the barrier.  The machine will read your details and issue the card back to you.  At this stage no ticket will be issued and no amount billed.  On departure insert the same credit card you used to gain entry, you card will be debited with the correct amount and returned to you with a receipt.  All credit/debit card transactions are subject to a 3% processing fee.
Pre-booked passengers
Description:Passengers who have pre-booked should follow the payment instructions on their booking confirmation.

Please note prices may be subject to change. A short grace period exists in the airport long stay car park for those wanting to pick up or drop off passengers
Short Stay Car Park Tariff
Rate: up to 30 Mins: 1.00
30 mins - 1 hr: 2.00
up to 2 hrs: 6.60
up to 3 hrs: 9.90
up to 4 hrs: 13.20
up to 5 hrs: 16.50
up to 6 hrs: 19.80
up to 7 hrs: 23.10
up to 8 hrs: 26.40
up to 9 hrs: 29.70
up to 24 hrs: 33.00
add 1 day: 33.00
Main Car Park Tariffs
Description:Ideal for business and short break passengers, the Main Car Park is perfect for customers wishing to park for a few days at most
Rate: Up to 1 hr: 3.30
up to 2 hrs: 6.60
up to 3 hrs: 9.90
3 hrs - 10 hrs : 11.00
up to 1 day : 13.00
up to 2 days : 25.00
add 1 day: 12.00
Parking With Disabilities
Description:Passengers in need of special help need to follow these steps:
1. Wheelchairs are permitted but will be thoroughly searched.
2. Please be patient and co-operate with security staff.
Long Stay Car Park - Pre-booking tariffs
Description:For the best rates pre-book your car parking from as little as £5 a day.
Rate: 1 day: 9.00
2 days: 16.00
3 days: 21.00
4 days: 24.00
5 days: 25.00
6 days: 30.00
7 days: 35.00
14 days: 70.00
21 days: 105.00
add 1 day: 5.00
Long Stay Car Park - Turn-up and Pay Tariffs
Rate: Up to 1 hr: 3.30
up to 2 hrs: 6.60
up to 3 hrs: 9.90
1 day: 12.00
2 days: 22.00
3 days: 33.00
4 days: 44.00
5 days: 45.00
6 days; 48.00
7 days: 54.00
8 days: 60.00
9 days: 67.50
10 days: 75.00
11 days: 82.50
12 days: 90.00
13 days: 97.50
14 days: 105.00
21 days: 157.50
22 days: 165.00
add 1 day: 7.50

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