Parking Options at Belfast Airport

The new drop-off/pick-up zone with two lanes and four rows of spaces may be used for up to ten minutes at a charge of 1 B.Pound.  If you need more than 10 minutes, use the short-stay carpark next to the dop-off zone.

Other parking options at Belfast International Airport:
Parking is available in 8,000 spaces at the following car parks. Parking fees stated are in British Pounds (here used as 'L'):

1. Short-Term Car Park is within walking distance of the passenger terminal. the first 15 mins are L1.50, first 30 mins L2.50, up to 2 hrs. L7.50; 6 hr. L20; up to 24 hrs & each add'l day  L35;
2. Main Car Park, also within walking distance, is best for business or short term use. - fees start with 30 mins at L2 up to 3 hrs L9.50; 3-10 hrs. L13 and 1 day L15.
3. Long-Term Car Park offer favorable fees when you  pre-booking.  First 15 mins are free; first hr L3.50, first day L12.50, increassing thereafter to L56 for 7 days, L10.50 for 14 days & L158 for 21 days.

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