Parking Options at Belfast City Airport

Parking options at Belfast City Airport: A short-term carpark is minutes from the terminal, and a long-term carpark is only a five-minute walk - or take the shuttle bus.

Frequent business travelers
have the option of using the Fast Track Carpark (a yearly subscription is necessary).

NOTE: This site uses for British Pounds - the letter 'L'
The Short-stay Carpark (along it are pickup/ dropoff lanes) is the first one to the right as you enter the airport and is minutes from the Terminal.  If departing within 10 minutes at either one, there is no charge.
Fees: first half hour L 2.70; and increaseby 4-6 hrs to L15; 6-8 hrs L17.50, 8-12 hrs. 28 hrs 24-24 hrs L35 - each day thereafter L35.
The Long-stay Carpark is an economy lot - a ten-minute walk from the terminal. 
Fees:  first 15 mins L1; up to 24 hrs L25; 1-2 days L34; 2-3 days L41.50; 3-4 days L50; 4-5 days L52; 5-6 days L57, thereafter each day L5.

For more parking information call 028 9093 9093.

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