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I arrive in terminal 2 at 1:35pm. My friend arrives in terminal 1 at 1:50 pm. What is the best way for me to get from T1 to T2 in order to meet her and share a cab to our hotel?
Hello, my 17 year old is flying from Peru to the USA through Mexico City and changing airlines from LATAM to American Airlines to travel to the US. Are they in the same terminals? Will he have to go through customs and immigaration?
I am also wondering the same thing! It's cheaper for me to buy two separate tickets to get to my destination so I will be changing airlines in Mexico City too. My problem is that I would arrive in Mexico City at 2 am so I don't know if going through their customs and immigration would take me out of the airport, because I wouldn't want to have to wait outside until my next flight at 6. Let me know if you find out the answer! I'll be traveling next week.
I have a flight at 9 am from Cancun To Lax with 1 Hour connection in MEX.both flights are AEROMEXICO. i will have 1 checked bag. Will the bag go through until Lax or do i need to check it again IN MEX. Is 1 hour enough please ? If it can help I am elite plus with skyteam.
Flying Aeromexico September 23rd LAX to Cancun with connection in Mexico City in late afternoon. Initially when I bought the ticket (through Delta), I had a 1 hour 20 minute layover. Recently got email from Delta shortening layover to 1 hour 15 minutes and warning that layover may be too short. I know I have to go through customs on my connection. Called Delta but they said because change only 5 minutes I would have to pay extra to make change on flight. Have heard stories of people having to buy new ticket from Aeromexico if they miss connecting flight. Any suggestions?
Hello, this is our first time flying to & from Mexico. On our way back we fly out of CUN to MEX with a 45 min layover to LAX. Will the 45 minutes be enough time?
Hello! Can you please advise me with my connection time of 1.44 hours on my way from JFK to Managua? I am flying with Aeromexico from JFK having a 1.44 HS. layover in Mexico's airport before my next Aeromexico flight to Managua. I am traveling with a little baby. Do I have to change terminals?
Thank you in advance
Thank you !
Hi, I'm trying to decide on a flight from Tijuana to Cancun with a layover in Mexico City. My options are 45 min or 7 and a half hours (I'd likely grab a hotel nearly to sleep) in Mexico City. All flights would be Aeromexico and overnight. They get into Cancun at the exact same time. I'm worried 45 min is WAY too short of a layover to make it. Would you all suggest just going the longer layover/hotel route?
Hello; Can you please advise me with my connection time of 2 1/2 hours on the way back to Toronto (arrival at 10:30 pm) is sufficient? I will have luggage. My other option is a 4 pm arrival to MEX and a 9 hour layover. Thank you!
Aeromexico booked a Aerolitoral DBA Aeromexico connect from PVR to MEX. We have 1 hr 10 min to catch the connecting flight Aeromexico for LAX. What terminal does Aerolitoral arrives at and do we have enough time to catch the connecting flight and go through immigration?
Both flights are in the same terminal. You should have enough time.
We are flying zih to mex, then mex to lax. We have 50 minutes to transfer between planes.. they are both Aeromexico connect and in the same terminal. Is this enough time? Thanks!