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  • Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 and Immigration
    Oct 6, 2015
    I am coming into MEX on Interjet into Terminal 1. I need to transfer to Air France in Terminal 2, as well as find an immigration office in Terminal 2 to process my Permanent Resident Visa paperwork for leaving the country. How long should it take to transfer from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 and where is the transfer point in Terminal 1. I have 2 hours to complete the transfer, go to immigration, and check in with AF. Will that be enough time?


    I think that will be very difficult to make in time.


  • Connecting flight to Monterrey
    Oct 6, 2015
    I am coming from Amsterdam to Mexico terminal 1 at 7 pm through KLM Royal Dutch and will take a flight to Monterrey from Mexico terminal 2 at 11 pm same day through AeroMexico. 1. After Custom check on terminal 1 how can i reach to terminal 2 2. Can I sent my baggage directly to terminal 2 [before/after] custom. 3. I am told that after custom on terminal 1, I can put the baggage on a right side belt so that it can be taken to T2. Is this correct ????


  • Going from US to Brazil. Do I have to go through immigtration
    Oct 3, 2015
    Hello, I flying LAS-MEX-GRU on Aeromexico. Do I have to go through immigration and customs or it is just an international connection? Thanks!


  • Flight from Germany to MEX then MEX to Peurto Vallarta
    Sep 30, 2015
    We will in November fly form Germany to Puerto Vallarta via MEX. Our plane arrives at 5am in Terminal 1 and we are planning to take a domestic flight from Terminal 2 around 8am (either Aeromexico or Interjet) . Is this sufficient time to immigrate, get our checked luggage and to check in again for the domestic flight in the other terminal or is it better to book a later flight? Is there a difference between weekdays and weekend? Thank you in advance.


    That should be just about enough time.


    Thanks a lot for the quick reply


  • Tuxtla - Mexico city - Cancun
    Sep 16, 2015
    I will soon fly from Montreal to Tuxtla, then few weeks later form Tuxtla Guttierez to Mexico (only for connection) and my final destination is Cancun. How much time do I need for this connection? I found a flight operated by AeroMexico which comprises a 39 minute connection at Mexico Airport before leaving for Cancun. Will it be enough? Next, I would fly from Cancun to Montreal, with a connection of 1 hour in Mexico city. Will it be enough if it is the same flight operator?


    Both of those connections are theoretically possible, but both a bit risky. Aeromexico runs a pretty timely operation by Mexican standards though.


  • Tuxtla - Mexico - Cancun
    Sep 15, 2015
    I will soon fly from Montreal to Tuxtla, then few weeks later form Tuxtla Guttierez to Mexico (only for connection) and my final destination is Cancun. How much time do I need for this connection? I found a flight operated by AeroMexico which comprises a 39 minute connection at Mexico Airport before leaving for Cancun. Will it be enough?


  • I am flying from LAX to MEX then MEX to HAVANA
    Sep 8, 2015
    we're flying into Mexico City airport and have 1 hour to get to our flight from Mexico City to Havana. I'm guessing it's best to only fly with carry-on, but will we have to clear customs before we get onto our flight to Havana? Wondering if we're going to have enough time...


    Yes, you will have to go through Mexican Immigration and customs. Were your tickets purchased on the same reservation? What airlines are you flying? If you purchased two separate reservations I don't think you can make this, even with carry-ons only.


    shoot. No we fly into MEX on USAIR then we fly to Havana on Cubana Air. According to the map of the Benito Juarez airport, both are in the same building/same terminal. EEEEK! At least our seats are close to the front of the USAIR flight into Mexico. We are praying that it arrives on time. Oh geezus.


  • Volaris/delta
    Sep 8, 2015
    I fly in from Toronto with Delta at 12:23 pm and fly to Los Cabos with Volaris at 3:10pm. Will I have to clear customs? Transfer terminals? No checked in luggage, will I have time?


    Delta does not fly from Toronto to Mexico City. Is your flight operated by Aeromexico? Regardlessof who operates it, upon arrival you will have to go through Mexican Immigration and customs. You will then have to change Terminals as Aeromexico and Delta use Terminal 2 and Volaris uses Terminal 1, there is a people mover between them. You will have to show your Volaris confirmation to get on the people mover. You should have enough time as long as your first flight is on-time.


    It says Delta DL363 to fly into mexico city. There is another flight From Toronto that gets into Mexico city at 1:30 pm and I'm still debating taking the 3:10 to Los Cabos by either Volaris or Interjet. Would this be pushing it?


    DL363 is an Atlanta-Mexico city flight. it's possible that at the time you're looking it becomes a Toronto-Atlanta-Mexico City flight. A 1:30 arrival would be much more difficult than a 12:23 arrival.


  • Do I have to go through customs?
    Aug 23, 2015
    My sister and I are flying into MEX from the states (separately) on Southwest Airline, and then getting a connecting flight to Cusco on Avianca an 90 minutes later. Do we have to go through customs in Mexico City, even if we're not leaving the airport, and if so is this enough time? We will be flying right after Christmas, before New Year's so I know it'll be a busy travel time but the flights both go in and out of the same terminal (1D).


    Yes, you will have to go through Mexican immigration and customs and no, that's not enough time for your connection.


  • 1 hour layover enough for domestic flights?
    Aug 23, 2015
    Hi, on December 1 I will be flying Aeromexico from Cancun to Tapachula via a 1 hour layover in Mexico City airport. Is this enough time to go from flight to another? Thanks.


    Yes, for two domestic flights that should be enough time.


  • terminal 2
    Aug 18, 2015
    hello I have an upcoming flight on aeromexico with a connection to costa rica through terminal 2 WITH A 1.5 hr layover. Since I don't have to leave the terminal am I still going to have enough time?


    That should be barely enough time if everything goes smoothly.


  • Can I make the connection?
    Aug 13, 2015
    My flight leaving Cancun thru Aeromexico goes thru MEX. Will I have to go thru immigration and can I make the connection to Atlanta. All flights are with Aeromexico. The flight arrives at 2:38PM and leaves at 3:40PM for Atlanta.


    You will show your passport to verify your exit from Mexico, but there is no "Immigration" in MEX. You probably have enough time.


  • Why were we forced out of airport at night?
    Aug 9, 2015
    Wondering if anyone can tell me why, when I was flying from Cancun to Mexicali by way of MEX my husband and I were forced to get our bags and then leave the airport (we arrived at 11pm, and our next flight was at 7am). We were flying out of same terminal on same airline - Volaris. We wound up sleeping on the floor on landside just inside the doors. BRRRR. I am asking b/c we are going back to cancun and our flight back to mexicli is again through MEX and we again get in at 11pm and fly out at 9am this time. If it's normal for us to have to leave airport at night, i'll jsut book a hotel, but would rather save that $100! any info appreciated. Can't figure this out since MEX is supposed to be 24 hours. We were told had to wait landside until new staff came on to check us back in. makes no sense!


    I believe only the International terminal, primarily the portion that handles Aeromexico flights stays open 24 hours. They close the terminals so that they can clean them easier.


    THANKS -- i'll be sure to book a hotel for the night then! We save money by driving into Mexicali to fly to cancun, and even with getting a hotel for the night -- it's still wayy cheaper. (plus we don't have to deal with customs in cancun, which can take hours!) appreciate you responding!


  • Make a connection
    Aug 6, 2015
    I'm considering flying in on Aeromexico with my husband via LA and will be catching a connecting flight to Oaxaca on Aeromexico. We will have check bags. We will have 1 hour and 40 min between flights. Will that be enough time to clear immigration, and recheck our bags and make our flight? there is a later flight which gives us about 3 to 4 hours. Just want to make sure we make it. Thanks!!!!


  • 2 hour connecting flight
    Jul 31, 2015
    I am arriving in Mexico city on a United (terminal 1) and have two hours to make a connection to Tuxtla (terminal 2 - Aeromexico). I understand this is going to be a dangerously tight connection and was wondering what tips there are for making the connection as efficient as possible. I will already be checking in online and only will have a carryon.


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