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Hi, I'm trying to decide on a flight from Tijuana to Cancun with a layover in Mexico City. My options are 45 min or 7 and a half hours (I'd likely grab a hotel nearly to sleep) in Mexico City. All flights would be Aeromexico and overnight. They get into Cancun at the exact same time. I'm worried 45 min is WAY too short of a layover to make it. Would you all suggest just going the longer layover/hotel route?
Hello; Can you please advise me with my connection time of 2 1/2 hours on the way back to Toronto (arrival at 10:30 pm) is sufficient? I will have luggage. My other option is a 4 pm arrival to MEX and a 9 hour layover. Thank you!
Aeromexico booked a Aerolitoral DBA Aeromexico connect from PVR to MEX. We have 1 hr 10 min to catch the connecting flight Aeromexico for LAX. What terminal does Aerolitoral arrives at and do we have enough time to catch the connecting flight and go through immigration?
Both flights are in the same terminal. You should have enough time.
We are flying zih to mex, then mex to lax. We have 50 minutes to transfer between planes.. they are both Aeromexico connect and in the same terminal. Is this enough time? Thanks!
Flying with Aero Mexico to Mexico City and same airline to San Jose, with a 2 hour layover. Do we collect our bags and go through immigration? Do we need another boarding pass? Is 2 hours enough time?
You will have to go through Mexican immigration and Customs. You'll have to ask about your bags. You should be issued both boarding passes in canada.
Thanks for answering my question. Also, ticket says we arrive at Terminal 2 and have to go to Terminal M for our connecting flight. I've tried to google airport map , but, can't see any Terminal M.
I think that means your arrival terminal in San Jose. All Aeromexico flights are in Terminal 2.
I have a flight from Montreal to San Jose Costa Rica via MEX also. I called Aeromexico and they've confirmed that there`s no need to go through customs as I will be a transit passenger. If I have to go through customs then I would need a FMM (the Mexican Migration Document).
Why should I need to go through Mexican Customs when I am only connecting flights?
flying in from JFK to Mexico CIty landing at 5:30 am with a 90 minute time frame ., I know i need to go through immigration and customs do i also need to switch terminals? truthfullly how difficult of a process is this and traveling with 2 teenage girls is it safe
What airline are you flying?
Then you don't need to change terminals. You should have enough time. Since you don't leave the terminal this is perfectly safe.
Delta sold me a ticket CUN-MEX-LAX all on Aeromexico business class. Arrives MEX 11:35am departs MEX 12:30pm. We will not be checking any bags. Given it's the same airlines are we ok here? Do we have to go through any exit immigration or security while connecting domestic to international on aeromexico in MEX? Thanks!
Yes, if I recall there is a brief exit immigration when accessing the international gates in MEX. You should have enough time if the flight from Cancun is on-time.
Hi I have an upcoming trip on Aeromexico departing from Vancouver, Canada (YVR) to Lima, Peru (LIM). I have a layover in MEX. My flights are in/out of Terminal 2 so no terminal change. I was just wondering how much time should I have in MEX for a nice smooth connection? Also do I have to do security and/or immigration in MEX?
You will have to go through Mexican Immigration. I would want at least 2 hours.
We are flying zih to mex, then mex to lax. We have 50 minutes to transfer between planes.. they are both Aeromexico connect and in the same terminal. Is this enough time? Thanks!
We land from London at 19:35 T1 and are considering a flight to Oaxaca at 21:35 T2 (different reservations). Is 2hrs (with hand baggage only) enough time to make the connection?
That would be very difficult. As unappealing as it sounds, I would plan on spending the night in Mexico City rather than being forced to involuntarily because you missed your connection.
Hi arriving from Toronto air Canada have separate flight to manzanillo with aeromar.I know have to clean customs frist and how to get to terminal too after that.thanks
There is a train between the terminals, but you need to allow at least 3 hours for your connection.
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