Buses To Surrounding Area

Service Name:
Description: Transportation from Bergen Airport to your destination: The taxi stand is opposite the main entrance and the trip to the city center takes 20-30 mins.  You have a choice of taxi companies – for Bergen Taxi call 07000, or for Norges Taxi call 08000.

By Bus:
‘Flybussen’ / TIDE
run between Bergen city center and the Airport every 15 mins on weekdays. The trip takes between 30 - 45 minutes, depending on traffic. The route alternates on driving via Fjosanger or via Oasen/Flyllingdalen. The Bus stops in the city center include the Bus/Railway Station, Radisson SAS Hotel Norge, The Fish Market and Radisson Blue Hotel at Bryggen, and the fare is around NOK 85, cash or card accepted. For more information open: www.flybussen.no/bergen
Scheduled Buses: ( For schedules open: www.skyss.no)
    Bus 23 – Airport to Loddefjord & Storavatnet; weekdays only
    Buses 56 & 57 - Airport to Nesttun (changing bus at Birkelandskrysset). 
    For Bus schedule for Hordaland: dial 177.

By Boat:

At the Flesland Pier  fast boats are available to Norled & Rodne and  to Austevoll, Sunnhordaland, Stord, Haugesund and Stavanger. To get to the Fleslad quay, take the Bergen Minibus Service BMS - tel +47 55 99 86 or visit www bms.no/

that the Bergen Light Rail is proposed to eventually run to the airport, but this extension is not part of the original line under construction.

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