Bermuda Wade (BDA) Airport

Bermuda Wade BDA Airport Overview

Bermuda Wade International Airport BDA serves the island chain of Bermuda (a U.K. overseas territory). It is gateway for sun-seekers from Europe and North America to Bermuda's beaches, resorts and hotels. The Airport is 560 miles east of Cape Hatteras, and a mere 2-hour flight from New York.

BDA  Airport  is located near Castle Harbor, 10 miles east of its capital city of Hamilton, St. George's Parish.

With a long runway, and close to 1M passengers a year, L.F. Wade International Airport is served by a number of major international airlines offering direct and connecting flights all over the world. 

NOTE: 1. Passengers are required to check in two hours before their scheduled departure. 
1. Peak hours at the Airport are between 11am and 2pm.
3. The airport offers U.S. Customs and Immigration pre-clearance (tel. (41) 293--8127), which means U.S.-bound passengers clear Customs in Bermuda; flights arriving in the U.S. from Bermuda are therefore treated as domestic flights.

 L.F. Wade International Airport has one passenger terminal. 

Transportation from Bermuda Wade International Airport to your destination is available via rental car, taxi, bus, pre-arranged mini-bus transport.  The public bus runs every 15 minutes during peak time.

Present and future Airport developments
:  Bermuda Wade AP is getting a new Terminal at a new location - outside of the Castle Harbor site where the current terminal is located at.

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