Parking Options at Bilbao Airport

Parking Options at Bilboa Airport: 
1. ‘General Parking’ in the parking garage P1 has 3000 parking spaces available (300 of which are for rental car agencies).  The car park can be accessed via an underground walkway to the passenger terminal.
2. Long-stay parking on P2 had 664 spaces (15 of them are for disabled parking and 13 are for over-seized vehicles in open air). 
3. The Short-stay car park (37 spaces) - it is recommended to use it only for stays of up to 30 minutes - ideal for passenger pickup/dropoff.

Parking Rates at BIO Airport

Short-stay car park
Rate: 0-30 mins: Free
up to 30 mins: 0.04/min
from 31st: 0.06/min
daily: 50
General parking P1
Rate: 0-30 mins: 0.019480/min
31-60 mins: 0.027271/min
daily : 14.65
Long-stay car park P2
Rate: 0-30 mins: 0,019480/min
31-60 mins: 0,027271/min
daily : 14.65
daily from fifth day 5.825/day

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