Public Transportation from Billings Logan  Airport:  (For shuttle service call either Phidippides Cody at 866-527-6789, or Billings Van & Shuttle at 406-256-9793).  No public transport is available directly from the Airport.

Buses/ Charters:
Jefferson Lines (tel. 1-800-451-5333 - or visit  www.ridejeffersonlines.com) offers long-distance connections.
Karst Stage - tel. 1-800-845-2778
Coach America - tel. 1-800-442-3682
Rimrock Stages - tel. 1-800-255-7655

The MET Transit Bus is available in & around Billings (406-657-8218 or visit: http://ci.billings.mt.us/index.aspx?nid=259).

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