Parking Options at Bishop Airport

If you need to pick up an arriving passenger, use the free Cell Phone Lot located close to the Bristol Road entrance--stay with your car until your party has called you to be picked up at the curb.

Other parking options at Bishop International include short-term, long-term and economy parking lots. The short-term parking lot is across from the passenger terminal, with the long-term parking lot behind and surrounding it. Right next to the terminal is the rental car lot, and the economy lot is across from Bristol Road, offering free shuttle service every 5 minutes. 

Parking Fees: (weekly fees based on 7 days)
Short-Term: each 30 mins $2, up to daily max $22; weekly $154.
Long-Term:  each hr $2, up to daily max $8; weekly $56.
Economy: each hr $2, up to dail max $6; weekly $36.

For more parking information call Standard Parking at 810-234-8284.

Parking Rates at FNT Airport

Short Term Lot
Rate: half hour $2.00
1 day $22.00
1 week $154.00
Economy Lot
Rate: 1 hour $2.00
1 day $6.00
1 week $36.00
Long Term Lot
Rate: 1 hour $2.00
1 day $8.00
1 week $56.00

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