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Healthy Airports

Have your ever had to eat in an airport and walked what felt like miles up and down the terminal trying to find at least one healthy entrée? Of course you have!   I’m Marcey Rader, Lifestyle Trainer for Mobile Professionals. I understand first-hand that business travel isn’t just part of your job, it’s a […]

Nutrition & flying

Last installment we learned: 1) Airports are still in the dark ages when it comes to healthy offerings to passengers. 2) Why you feel bloated and icky after you fly. 3) How sodium can ruin your flat tummy and your bathroom experience. What’s the worst thing for me to eat? Wherever you are, buyers beware! […]

Exercise & flying

In the last two posts we learned what to eat and what to avoid at airports. Now we’ll learn how you can get some movement in to combat all that sitting.   To check or not to check? It’s scary to check a bag because you may not get it at your destination and if […]


If you’ve traveled by air lately, you know that the glamor days of riding through the skies and zipping through airports are long gone. With massive crowds, security checkpoints and overbooked flights, today’s airport experience can quickly turn into a hassle-filled scene that will leave you wondering why you ever wanted to fly in the […]


In A Look at the Descent Leg, we discussed some of the steps pilots take upon vacating cruise altitude. With this post, we’ll go into more detail about the final portion of the descent segment: the approach and landing. As you probably know, this final segment is one of the most vital of the entire […]


When the tires squeak (or slam) onto the runway, many air travelers think the flight has ended. For pilots, an integral stage of the process still remains; one prone to confusion and with a notable risk for error. In From the Gate to the Runway, we discussed the confusion and hazards of taxiing at large […]


Once the passengers are loaded, the paperwork is completed, and the plane is preflighted it’s time to leave the gate. At this point, many passengers just want to get in the air. For the curious bunch, some important steps actually occur between the gate and the runway. With this post, we’ll examine what’s going on […]

Takeoff & Climb

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Jun 302012

Thus far, most of our posts have looked at the steps leading up to takeoff. Today we’ll examine what happens once the plane departs terra firma. While the takeoff and climb legs might appear simple and self-explanatory, both involve important steps that greatly contribute to the safety of each flight. V1:  A Critical Airspeed Although […]


Prior to this post, we’ve highlighted airline pilots’ duties from pre-takeoff to leveling at cruise altitude. In this installment, we’ll examine a major component of the cruise leg: navigating from Point A to Point B. Unlike with ground-bound modes of transport, flight crews can’t rely on a solid network of roads or rails. However, vast […]


Regardless of the distance traveled or the time spent aloft, all airplanes must eventually return to earth. For passengers, the descent leg means the flight is almost over. For the crew, the descent phase involves communication, coordination, planning, and even math. Let’s examine some of the highlights your pilots deal with after leaving cruise altitude. […]