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Boarding and Overhead Binning

You’re boarding the plane, and the flight attendant’s voice pipes through the overhead speaker with that rarely-listened-to phrase…   “Ladies and Gentleman, as you board today, please move into your row before stowing your bags to allow the passengers behind you to board.”   Five minutes later, the same voice (a bit less patient this [...]


To Lean or Not to Lean…Should there Be a Question?   I have to admit, I really can’t stand it when someone leans his or her seat back onboard an airplane. When I am traveling in economy and seated in front of someone, I rarely do it…when I do, I do what I call the [...]


For most air travelers, turbulence is a word that invokes at least a little dread and discomfort. However, in most cases such apprehension is at least partly due to fear of the unknown. Once we better understand the subject, our newfound knowledge can help allay unnecessary anxiety. With this series of posts, we’ll examine the [...]