Getting to & from Bogota Airport: Taxis: When heading to the city, it is best to use an airport-approved taxi. If you give the attendants at the taxi booth the address where you want to go, they write down on a piece of paper the taxi fare. If the driver asks for more money after arrival, just ignore him/her.
Shuttle buses (Bus Satelite) make their rounds starting at Terminal 1, proceeding to the bus station, cargo terminal, Civil Aironautical building,  then turning around to the Puente peatonal Cra.103; terminal Puente Areo, Terminal 2; Bus station & back to Terminal 2.
The new TransMilenio line connects  the Airport to the City's mass transportation system.

For SITP bus route information use the application MOOV IT - downloaded at:  Sitp.gov.co. - Publications, or download at the App Store & Google Play.

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