Kiev Boryspil (KBP) Airport

Kiev Boryspil KBP Airport Overview

Kiev Boryspil International Airport KBP is Ukraine's largest Airport  - serving the City of Kiev (also spelled as 'Kyiv') and its surrounding areas.
KBP Airport is only 6 km west of Boryspil, and 29 km east of the City of Kiev, Ukraine's largest city, and is accessible via motorway M03.
With two runways and exceeding 8 million passengers a year prior to political unrest (resulting in a 13 percent downturn for year 2014), the Airport is served by national and international airlines with direct and connecting flights to all points of the globe.

NOTICES: Check-in starts two hours prior to scheduled airline departure and ends 4 minutes before.  For Customs inquiry, you can call +38(0)44 281-7379. The passenger hotline is 281-73-08. 
Both Ukrainian and EU citizens go through the same check points for passport formalities.
Both domestic & international passengers who need to transfer will use the same facility, waiting for their turn at door marked "Transit & Transfer Passengers.
A smaller low-cost UP plane to Tel Aviv, Israel, was launched by EL AL and operates as its 'UP'  brand.
International Arrivals at Boryspil Airport will need to go through Passport check and - if your bag contains goods subject to customs clearance - to through Customs.  If transferring to a domestic flight within the Ukraine - your bags will be transferred.  If connecting to an international flight, proceed to the check-in counter by following the 'Transfer' sign; at the transfer counter you will be directed to pass through formalitites. thereafter, shuttles will take you to your connecting terminal's airside (post-security).
Boryspil Airport operates under hightened security.

On-Airport 'Hotel Boryspil
(tel. +380 44 281 7105 /fax 7953) is a 3-star hotel with conference facilities - situated close to Terminal D.  It now serves an open buffet breakfast between 4 & 10am. 

The passenger terminal complex at Boryspil International Airport consists of four passenger terminals - TB, TC, & TF are close to each other, located north of new TD (with the Boryspil Hotel in between). While TD is southwest of TB, the parking structures and the hotel are situated in between: The inter-terminal shuttle buses (green) connects all terminals, parking facilities, bus stops and taxi stands, running daily every 5-15 minutes at day time, every  3 mins at night .  All airport signs are both in Ukrainian & English.
Note that the Business Lounges now serve hot meals and healthy fare & its menu changes weekly.

Terminal B, now handles both domestic & international flights, - and former Terminal F's charters & low-cost flights* - has two levels -
   Level 1 is divided between Arrivals & Departures. The departure area houses the check-in facilities with an internet cafe,  and access to level 2 with separate check and the boarding area.  The area houses the baggage claim, customs, and other facilities.  with baggage claim, customs, ATMs, hotel- transport- &  VIP desks, and more concessions to the right, with access to level 2'
   Level 2 houses security check and access to the secured area with duty-free stores, VIP section, waiting halls for gates B8-B1, and at opposite side gates B9-11 (with nearby access to the Business lounge).. 
The Skybus station is outside, near the right corner of TB. 
Terminal C for VIP passengers and business jets has 2 levels and is and offers recreation rooms, communication services, bankquet rooms,  press conference room, and offers a high level of services.
Terminal F:  TF is a small terminal adjacent to TC - intended for charters & low-cost flights - and has 2 levels: 
   Level 1 serves both  Arrivals & Departures - each with its relevant facilities:
- The
Arrivals level of TFhouses the baggage claim and customs area, with access thereafter to the Arrivals Hall with ATM cash machine, hotel & airline desks and a restaurant, and exit to transportation outside. 
- The Departure level of TF houses some stores, duty-free area, restaurants, and access to the boarding area and airline gates F1 - F8.
New Terminal D is largest terminal (completely ADA-accessible) - handling only domestic flights. It houses 60 check-in desks, 6 web-check-in desks & 11 fixed airbrides with automated docking system. The automated baggage handling system has a capacity of 3,000 bags per hour.
    Level 1 is the Arrivals/ baggage claim level with Customs, banking facilities. To the right of this level arivals gates 12-16 and the VIP business lounge.
    Level 2 has in the center passport control, and gates 1-11 (near gate 11 is a restaurant), and access to level 3.
    Level 3 houses 3 rows of  check-in counters, baggage wrap, press, & cash machines, followed by security check, passport conrol and access to the boarding area with gates D1-D11. This level also offers duty-free shops, cafes & restaurants (at gate areas).

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