Getting to & from Brasilia International Airport

DFTrans: Their lines serve urban areas.
Bus 102 runs to the main bus station in central Brasilia ('Plano Piloto')  and takes 30 mins.  It also connects to the subway & Valor Road.
Mini-buses 11 & 31 run also to the central bus station, where you can change to long-distance buses.
For more information regarding routes & rates visit:  dftrans.df.gov.br.
To get from the Airport to the Metro or the Rodoferroviaria train stations - use the 102 line to the central bus station and switch to line 131.
TCB operates an executive line 113, which runs 6:30am-11pm, stopping at Esplanada, Plano Piloto Bus Station, & North & South hotel sectors.

Note that Brasilia city is divided between South & North sectors at Rodoviaria do Plano Piloto, served by a bus and (partially) by the Metro train. Line 11 serves north, while line 30 serves both south & north.
12 horizontal, east to west  routes, include routes 900, 70, W3, 500, 300, 100 Eixo Rodoviario, Eixo Monumental, 200, 400, L2, 600 & 800.

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