Getting to & from Brasilia International Airport:  Brasilia city is divided between South & North sectors at Rodoviaria do Plano Piloto, served by a bus, and (partially) by the Metro train. Line 11 serves north, while line 30 serves both south & north.
12 horizontal, east to west  routes, include routes 900, 70, W3, 500, 300, 100 Eixo Rodoviario, Eixo Monumental, 200, 400, L2, 600 & 800.

DFTrans: Their lines serve urban areas.
Mini-buses 11 & 31 serve the central bus station, where you can change to long-distance buses.
For more information regarding routes & rates visit:  dftrans.df.gov.br.
TCB Executive Line 113 stops at Esplanada dos Ministerios, The Convention Center Ulysses Guimaraes, & the North & South hotel sectors.

To get to the Metro or the Rodoferroviaria Train Stations
- use the 102 line to the central bus station and switch to line 131. 
    Metro Line 102 is integrated with subway & road system and runs every 30 mins to the main bus station in central Brasilia ('Plano Piloto'),  taking 30 mins.
    Metro Line 11 serves L2Norte.
    Metro Line 30 runs along w3 south & north

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