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Parking Options at Brest Bretagne Airport

Our car parks are at your disposal with nearly 2 500 spaces (including 430 under cover on 2 levels, directly connected to the airport terminal). 3 different car parks are at your disposal. P1. Couvert (Covered). 430 spaces under cover, over two levels, including 10 spaces reserved for the disabled on level 0. This car park is connected to the centre of the airport terminal (level 1, ground floor) by a lift and escalators. P2. Proximité (Closest). 820 spaces including 12 reserved for the disabled. Those with reduced mobility can benefit from P2 car park (close) spaces at the P3 car park (budget) fares. The central alley (in the form of the tail of a manta ray) offers protection for visitors. P3. Economique (Budget). There are 1 000 spaces, offering the first hours parking free of charge. A car park (200 spaces) situated near the entrance of the terminal is reserved for the return of hire cars The forecourt is divided into three zones; the first for public transport, the second for taxis and a drop off zone for passengers. Season tickets are on sale for all the car parks.

Parking Rates at BES Airport

Notes:For more information call: +33 (0)2 98 32 86 37
Drop off Zone
Description: A drop off zone is open to everyone, and is situated in front of the forecourt of the new terminal (on the third traffic and parking lane). The driver must at all times remain near his vehicle. The duration of the drop off is limited to the time it takes to either pick up or drop off passengers.
Car Park rates P1
Rate: 0-2 hrs: 4.20
2-6 hrs: 8.30
6-12 hrs: 10.40
12-24 hrs: 15.50
1-2 days: 27.90
2-3 days: 40.40
3-4 days: 52.80
4-5 days: 65.30
5-6 days: 77.70
6-8 days: 82.80
per day add: 12.40
Car Park rates P2
Rate: 0-2 hrs: 2.30
2-6 hrs: 4.30
6-12 hrs: 7.40
12-24 hrs: 10.70
1-2 days: 18.10
2-3 days: 25.60
3-4 days: 33.00
4-5 days: 40.50
5-6 days: 48.00
6-8 days: 53.30
per day add: 7.50
Car Park rates P3
Rate: 0-1 hr: Free
1-2 hrs: 1.20
2-6 hrs: 2.30
6-12 hrs: 3.30
12-24 hrs: 5.60
1-2 days: 9.10
2-3 days: 12.20
3-4 days: 15.20
4-5 days: 18.30
5-8 days: 25.40
8-9 days: 26.40
9-10 days: 28.40
10-11 days: 30.50
11-12 days: 32.50
12-15 days: 35.50
per day add: 2.30
Other services
Description:You can leave your keys, motorbike helmet, etc. at the car park administration.
Fare per object: 4.50€ 
Season ticket holders car park P1
Rate: 12 months: 830
Season ticket holders car park P2
Rate: 12 months: 465
Season ticket holders car park P3
Rate: 12 months: 378

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