Public Transportation from Buffalo Niagara Airport:  Among many other options available, Canadian and US travelers can take either the on-site Airport Taxi (1-800-551-4369), the Airport Express (1-800-604-1570) or the Airport Shuttle (1-888-402-6606).

1. Public transportation is available through NFTA-METRO - For its bus & rail information call 716-855-7300 or visit: nfta.com/metro.
    (a) Metro Route 204 to the city makes pickups in front of the 'Arrivals' entrance, and makes stops at the City's  central business district - including the Metro Bus station /Metropolitan Transportation Center. During peak time it runs every 30 mins.
    (b) Other Metro buses also serves outlaying areas:  Route 24 serves Genesee, Route 27, Erie County Home & Route 68 George Urban.
2. Coach Canada serves the Airport and its Canadian visitors. For more information call 705-748-6411 or 1-80-461-7661 - or visit coachcanada.com.

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