Parking Options at Cairo International Airport

Parking options at Cairo Airport: 
1. Terminal 1 has nine parking lots in the following areas: Departure Hall 1, Arrivals Hall 2, Departure Hall 2 upper level; Departure Hall 2 external; Arrival Hall 2, lower level, Arrival Hall 2 external, Arrival & Departure Hall 3; with short- & long-term parking, & VIP parking available.  
2. Terminal 2, closed at this time, has a new multi-level parking garage;
3. Terminal 3 has a multi-level parking garage in front of the terminal building.

Parking Rates at CAI Airport

Short Term
Rate: 1 hr 5 EGP
Parking With Disabilities
Description: 1. Cairo International Airport offers special service for disable passengers such as wheelchairs and parking spaces.
2. Please contact your airline for assistance.

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