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I only have 36 mins to get to my next flight to Victoria. Arriving from Ottawa. I will not have any check in bag. Will the transition be complicated? Can you give me any direction please? I have never had such a short transition. Thank you.
All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You should have enough time if the first flight is on-time.

I'm going to book a separate flight from Calgary back to Kamloops and need to know if 1 hour and 15 minutes is enough time to get through customs as we will be coming off a British Airways flight from London. Would rather spend the night in Calgary and go the next day than miss our flight...

thanks in advance!
On two separate reservations, I would spend the night in Calgary. Even though immigration in Calgary is unlikely to take long.
That's what I thought..... even though I can go through the "I have a connections line" because it's 2 separate reservations, I was worried. Thanks so much!!
If you are arriving in Concourse A with West Jet and connecting to an Air Canada Jazz flight in concourse C, do you have to leave the secured area and re-enter security? I will be travelling only with a carry on bag.
Hi, my niece is arriving from NYC into calgary airport and i will be arriving from Winnipeg within 20 mins of each other. how do i get from the westjet arrival terminal to meet my niece in the international arrival terminal (united airlines)?
Calgary only has one terminal. You just have to meet her at the exit of Customs.

This is my first time doing a connecting flight, as I usually fly direct from YVR to LGW/LHR. There's approximately 150-160 minutes between the flights both ways.

On the way over, I won't have any checked bags, just carry on. Will I re-clear security in Calgary, moving from domestic to international?

On the way back, I wouldn't mind checking a bag as it'll allow some liquids to make their way back home (sparkling rhubarb juice, mmmm). The ticket was bought together as one with Westjet.

If I understand correctly, I have to clear customs/immigration in Calgary, before flying on to Victoria. Would I be collecting and rechecking the bag? I've never flown out of Calgary, so have no idea on how well it flows/space between international and domestic.

Any clarity is appreciated. I'm one of those people that likes to know as much as possible before doing something, and hadn't considered what new stress a connecting flight brings.

Thank you for your help and time.
All you have to do on the way to London is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. On the way back you'll have to ask Border Canada if you have to claim your bags in Calgary or not.
Travelling YYC-YCR-OGG, I'm assuming I check in domestic then clear customs in YVR. I was given gate A73, no maps indicate domestic A concourse gates going as high as "73". Is A73 still domestic? or am I confused and I am going through Homeland in YYC?
I'm assuming you mean YVR, not YCR (Cross Lake, Manitoba). You will go through US Immigration and Customs in Vancouver. A73 is in the International Departures section, which can be used for any arrival.
Which terminal do I go to flying YYC - YVR - Aukland?
Calgary only has one terminal.
Actually I see that it technically has two - check in at domestic since your first flight is domestic.
Traveling from Vancouver island to Yyc then to lethbridge. Where is the lethbridge gate? Have a short connection..
All gates at YYC are connected inside security. You should have enough time.
Coming from Toronto thru Calgary. Do I still have to pick up my luggage and clear customs or can you view it on screens yet?
Coming from Toronto thru Calgary. Do I still have to pick up my luggage and clear customs or can you view it on screens yet?