Parking Options at Cape Town Airport

Parking options at Cape Town International: Two multi-storey parking garages ('Parkades 1 & 2') are located at either side of the Transport Plaza across from the terminal complex.
1. The five-storey Parkade 1 is opposite the International Terminal, and Parkade 2 is opposite the Domestic Terminal, and each parkade has a shaded parking area 1 & 2 behind it (with the rental car facility in the center). Parkade 2 includes a baggage wrap area, post office, police station, a mosque & a multi-faith room. Automatic payment machines are located on the ground floor of each parkade.  The Pick up & Go area is on level 1.
3. Valet service  (tel. +27 (0)86 48 2538) is available.  
3. Long-stay 'Shade P5' carpark is the newest addition.

Parking Rates at CPT Airport

Rate: 1 hr R$36
30 mins free
31-45 mins R$16
46-60 mins R$36
P1, 2
Rate: each add 12 hrs R$85
1 hr R$16
1-2 hrs R$32
2-3 hrs R$50
3-4 hrs R$62
4-12 hrs R$100
12-24 hrs R$140
P3, 4
Rate: each add 12 hrs R$50
1 hr R$10
1-2 hrs R$20
2-3 hrs R$30
3-4 hrs R$40
4-12 hrs R$75
12-24 hrs R$100
Long Stay P5
Rate: 1 day R$40
0-5 days R$305
Rate: 1 day R$195

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