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Chubu Centrair Airport ( NGO ) Terminal Map Information

Type Name Terminal Location
Restaurant Torisanwa Overview Map 4F
Restaurant Maruha Shokudo Overview Map 4F
Restaurant Queen Alice Aqua Overview Map 4F
Restaurant Haishanro Overview Map 4F
Store Yoshida Shoten Overview Map 4F
Cafe Deli & Cafe Overview Map 3F
Restaurant Mametengu Overview Map 4F
Store Hula Hawaii Overview Map 4F
Restaurant Wakashachiya Overview Map 4F
Restaurant Sekai No Yamachan Overview Map 4F
Store Uniqlo Overview Map 4F
Store ANA Festa Overview Map 3F
Store Warakuya Okame Overview Map 4F
Restaurant Gokuuma Shoyu Ramen Ikkokusakigakedou Overview Map 4F
Store Gifts and Travel Goods Overview Map 3F
Store Samantha Thavasa Sweets&Travel Overview Map 3F
Store Hello Kitty Store × Vivitix Overview Map 4F
Store Minamikan Overview Map 3F
Store Blue Sky Overview Map 3F
Store Liquor and Cigarettes Overview Map 3F
ATM ATM Overview Map Access Plaza
Restaurant Misokatsu Yabaton Overview Map 4F
Store FamilyMart Overview Map Access Plaza
Cafe Cafe de Crie Plus Overview Map 4F
Cafe Starbucks Coffee Dai-ni Centrair Bldg. Shop Overview Map 3F
Restaurant Hu Hu Chaya Overview Map 4F
Store Ebisenbei No Sato Overview Map 4F
Restaurant Kaitensushi Maruchu Overview Map 4F
Restaurant Seian Tosho Men Overview Map 2F
Restaurant Soup Stock Tokyo Overview Map 4F
Restaurant Hida Takayama Kihachiro Overview Map 4F
Restaurant Shinuchi Koubou Kishimen Minomishou Overview Map 4F
ATM ATM Overview Map 1F
Restaurant Kabuki Overview Map 3F
ATM ATM Overview Map Access Plaza
Store Maker's Shirt Kamakura Overview Map 3F
Store Uotaro Overview Map 4F
Cafe Juice Station Overview Map 4F
Store Cosmetics and Apparel Overview Map 3F
ATM ATM Overview Map 2F
Store Graniph Overview Map 3F
Restaurant Sarazan Overview Map 4F
Store Lawson Overview Map 1F
Store Drastic the Baggage Overview Map 4F
Restaurant Kitchen Domburi Overview Map 4F
Cafe Starbucks Coffee Overview Map 4F
Store Centrair Omiyagekan Overview Map 3F
Cafe Pronto Overview Map Access Plaza
Store Malaika Overview Map 4F
Store Izone New York Overview Map 4F
Cafe Blue Sky Overview Map 3F
Store Mono Overview Map 4F
Store Muji to Go Overview Map 4F
Restaurant Kayusantin Overview Map 4F
Store Abiste Boutique Overview Map 4F
Store Yamasa Chikuwa Overview Map 4F
Store Amano Overview Map 3F
Cafe Subway Overview Map 2F
ATM ATM Overview Map 3F
MISC Currency Exchange Overview Map 2F
Restaurant Boteya Overview Map 4F
Restaurant Freshness Burger Overview Map 4F
MISC Currency Exchange Overview Map 3F
Store Centrair Official Shop Sora Mono Overview Map 4F
Restaurant Dining Restaurant Camellia Overview Map 4F
Store AMA Overview Map 4F
Airline Lounge Centrair Global Lounge Overview Map 3F
Restaurant Ishiyaki Pibimba Reimen Toraji Overview Map 4F
Store Agurisu Overview Map 4F
Restaurant Manten Overview Map 4F
Store Centrair Meihinkan Overview Map 3F
Restaurant Pasta Rantantei Overview Map 4F
Restaurant Bagel & Bagel Overview Map 4F
MISC Currency Exchange Overview Map 3F
Airline Lounge Sakura Lounge Overview Map 3F
Airline Lounge Centrair Airline Lounge Overview Map 3F
MISC Currency Exchange Overview Map 3F
Cafe Starbucks Coffee Overview Map 3F
Cafe Cafe Yutori No Kukan Overview Map 4F
Store Claire's Overview Map 4F
Cafe Wa No Ma Overview Map 4F
MISC Currency Exchange Overview Map 3F
Restaurant Queen Alice Overview Map 3F
Store Boutiques Overview Map 3F
Store Tsutaya Overview Map 4F
Restaurant Meifutsu Temmusu Senju Overview Map 4F
MISC Currency Exchange Overview Map Access Plaza
Cafe Deli & Cafe Overview Map 3F
Restaurant Suzunami Overview Map 4F
Airline Lounge KAL Lounge Overview Map 3F
Restaurant Maruya Honten Overview Map 4F
Restaurant Misen Overview Map 4F
Restaurant Aviator Grill Overview Map 4F
ATM ATM Overview Map 3F
Restaurant Kakiyasu Kakijiro Overview Map 4F
Store Yb. Friend's Overview Map 4F
Restaurant Agurisu Overview Map 4F
Cafe ANA Festa Overview Map 3F
Store Sakura Bunka Do Overview Map 3F
Restaurant Hakata Noodles Mentatsu Overview Map 4F
Store Center Pier Shop Overview Map 3F
Airline Lounge Star Alliance Lounge Overview Map 3F
Restaurant Tonkatsu Wako Overview Map 4F
Restaurant Oriental Kitchen Overview Map 4F

Chubu Centrair Airport Terminal Map Overview

Chubu Centrair NGO Terminal Map


 The Terminal Layout and Train Station;, International & Domestic Arrivals and Transfer Procedures; Terminal Details, and Airport & Airline Lounges:

The Terminal complex of Centrair Airport consists a Main Terminal and a low-cost-carrier LLC Terminal - to each other. 
- The Central Japan International Airport TrainStation - the Meitetsu Airport Line Express takes passenger within 28 minutes to the Meitetsu - Nagoya station, which is next to the main JR Nagoya station.

- International Arrivals at Centrair Airport
need to go through Quarantine, Immigration (passport check), Baggage Claim (retrieve bags & check against your bag receipt number - contact airline staff if your bag is missing) & Customs (if goods purchased at Duty-Free are under limit, proceed to green lights; if not sure or if good exceed limit, proceed o the red light  (duty payment is at the bank in the immigration area) - all these facilities are next to each other - thereafter, proceed to Level 2's unrestricted area in the Arrivals Lobby, with exit to the Access Plaza. 
    If continuing journey on a domestic flight:  go through quarantine, immigration, baggage claim, Customs; enter the non-restricted Arrivals lobby, take escalaor/elevator there to level 3, pass check-in counters and proceed to domestic check-in, and on to security inspection and domestic boarding.
    If continuing journey on an international flight, with a boarding pass, follow sign "Connections',  go through security check, and proceed to level 3 and on to your connecting gate.
- Domestic arrivals continuing to International departure: pick up bags, take escalator or elevator to level 3; walk staight on to International check-in, security inspection, customs, immigration, and on to boarding area.


The five-level T-shaped Main Terminal at Centrair Airport
has three piers emanating from the central ticketing area. Its Level G - the ground level -houses maintenance, catering, & ground operations. Level 1 houses the Welcome Garden Domestic flights are handled in the Terminal's northern part, while  international flights are handled in the southern part.
    The Access Plaza is in front of the Terminal's Level 3 (Departures level). At the south side it connects to Parking P1 A-G, to high-speed Boat Terminal in the center and to Parking P2 Sections H - M.  At the North Side it connections to the Passenger Terminal in the center, to Centrair Hotel and to Central Japan  Airport Station (Nagoya Railroad /Meitetsu) on opposite sides. To the left of the Information Center are escalators & elevators to Level 1's Bus Terminal, taxi stands & Oralee/Tokome Tourist Info Counter; this area also offers a Family Mart, baggage lockers, ATM machines; Currency Exchange, Global WiFi , Mobile Center & Souvenir order service.
    Level 1 of the passenger terminal houses a shop & an Information desk, and the Welcome Garden from which all other levels can be accessed via escalator & elevator.  The Pier of level 1 connects to the Center Pier Garden at level 2, as well as to all other levels via escalator & elevator.
    Level 2, the Arrivals level,  has a separate Access Plaza leading to both to the Arrivals Lobby, as well as to the check-in counters on level 3. Outside of the Access Plaza is access to  Parking P1 and to the Marine Terminal (for speedy water connections).  The Arrivals area is divided into domestic & International arrivals, and houses the baggage claim area, rental car & tourist information desks, and the  following lounges: Sakura, Star-Alliance, KAL, & Centrair Global. New Muslim prayer rooms (men/ women) are on level 2, in the Arrivals lobby (next to the clinic), in the non-restricted area of International departure.  Prepaid SIM Card vending machines with passport scanning features are available to foreign visitors at the  international arrivals section. 
    Level 3, the Departures level, is connected to the Access Plaza.  It is divided into Domestic & International Departures, has a Departure Lobby with check-in desks (domestic counters K - P at right, counters I, J in the center, and international counters H - A at left.  After checking in, security inspection follows for both domestic & international departures on opposite sides.
  At the International Departure side, Customs inspection and Information counter follow thereafter. To the left are a number of lounges, internet kiosk, children's play area, currency exchange, and access to gates 19-24. After duty-free shops and Sakura & Star Alliance lounges, there is access to gates 12-18. 
   At the Domestic Departures side, after security inspection, are a children's play area, internat kiosk, a number of massage chairs, Centrair Lounge, Electronic Plaza,  and access to gates 2-11.
    Level 4, Sky Town - a shopping center with Sky Deck. The Sky Town shopping center, which is accessible to the general public, has more than 60 shops and restaurants organized into the ‘Renga-dori Street’ and the ‘Chochin-yokocho Street’. The Chochin-yokocho shops have individual themes with an authentic Japanese look. To get the ultimate relaxation, watch planes take off and land in the bathhouse called ‘Miya-no-Yu’, which also has a restaurant and a Refresh Salon.

Airport & Airline Lounges (Sakura, Star Alliance, KAL, Centrair Global,  & Centrair Airline):
- Sakura Lounge at Level 2, is at post-security, level 3, international departures, near entrance to gates 12-18. Offers the following business services: Wi-Fi, iPad, personal computer, fax machine, copier, & 10 modular outlets. It also has a massage therapist, along with automatic massage chairs.  Eligibility:  JAL first- & business-class passengers; JAL Global members (includes one additional  person); JMB Diamond and Sapphire members (includes one additional  person).
- Star Alliance Lounge is right next to the Sakura Lounge. Business services include LAN WiFi service, power outlet, printer & fax machines, & massage chairs.  Eligibility:  First- & business-class passengers on international flights, and Star Alliance Gold members.
- KAL Lounge: take elevator after passing through Immigration, at left to level 2, International Flights. Business services include LAN WiFi, cble adapters (by request), & massage chair.  Eligibility: first- or business-class passengers, Sky Team Elite Plus members who board Sky Team flights, Airport Angel & Priority Pass members, and select Diners Card members.
- Centrair Global Lounge: take elevator on the left to level 2 after passing through security check. Business services include LAN WiFi & fax & copy machines.   Eligibility: Passengers of China Eastern Airlines, China Airlines, Delta Air Lines & Cathay Pacific Airways.
- Centrair Airline Lounge (for domestic flights) - ANA & JAL (check with your airline if qualified) - is immediately after security check, near gates 2-8 entrance. It offers LA WiFi access, fax & copy machines.  Eligibility:  Air Asia X, Air Berlin, Air China, ANA All Nippon, American Airlines & Asiana Airlines - but check with your airline first. 

The new  LCC Terminal opened in Summer 2014 - intended for domestic low-cost airlines - is located next to the south wing of the Main Terminal's international gates and also function as an alternate terminal during peak hours.