Parking Options at Charlotte Douglas Airport

If you need to pick up a passenger at CLT Airport, you may want to use the new Cell Phone Lot with 110 spaces - located off Old Dowd Road, next to Long-term Lot 1. Drivers on the new entrance road should exit to their right to enter the lot. Proper signs are in place.  Stay with your car until your party has collected bags and calls you to be picked up at the curb.  Alternatively,  Park in the new Hourly Deck on one of the four upper levels, offering the first hour free. 
Furthermore, a new Kiss & Fly Lot on Harlee Avenue is intended for both passenger pick-up & dropoff.

It is strongly advised that you allow yourself more time to park on peak travel days (Tue, Wed, Thu.Sun & days before/after holidays)!  For parking condition updates, tips & rates, call 704-359-5555.

Other parking options & fees at Charlotte Douglas Airport:  Curbside Valet is the quickest option; the new Hourly Parking Deck is across from the terminal; the East & West Daily Deck is behind it, followed (near the traffic circle) by the Daily North Lot - currently closed.  Across from the railroad track & close to Hwy 29, are Long-term Lots 1, 2 & 3, and the Business Valet Lot - all accessibe by te Airport Entrance Road. 
All parking facilities use SmartPark Express with credit card or prepaid only lanes, and offer ADA parking.

    Business Valet Deck - located at corner of Wilkinson Blvd & Harlee Av.  Hand the attendant your car keys who will park your car.  Baggage assistance is provided and a shuttle will deliver you to the terminal. Upon your return your car will be at the deck.
Fees: $14/day
    Curbside Valet - located at end of Departures /Ticketing Level (on return, stop by the booth for your car delivery); 
Fees: $28/day
    Hourly Deck with 4,000 public parking spaces on the top four levels 4 - 7, while the lower lower levels house the rental car return spaces, check-in counters and vehicle service area.  There are 4 Pay&Go stations, 9 EV charging stations for 18 cars, 2 east & West helixes, cell phone covereage, restrooms on level 2 & pet relief areas outside of the deck. Walkways from its Level 2 elevator lobbies offer access to/from the passenger terminal. 
Fees:  First hr free; each 30 mins thereafter $1, up to daily max $20.
    Daily East & West Parking Decks: premium parking for 24 hrs or longer, with free continuously-running shuttle service at shelter between them.
Fees: $10/day
    Daily North Lot for 24 hrs or longer, with continuous free shuttle service.
Fees: $8/day
    Long Term Lots 1 through 3 are economy lots intended for over 48 hrs parking, with free continuous free shuttle service at their shelters. Note: Lot 1 is now a credit card-ony lot and its entry & exit plazas were relocated.  Lots 2 & 3 merged, with 200 added spaces. Lot 2 also completed it improvements (relocating entry & exit plazas by installing new toll plaza canopies & cashier facilities.
Fees: $5/day

Payment by SmartPark Express: Take your parking ticket, keep it with you; upon your return go to Pay&Go machine near the parking shuttle pickup location or the daily deck bus shelter; swipe your parking ticket & credit card for ticket validation; go to pre-paid lane, insert validated ticket & exit parking lot.

For more parking information call 704-359-4038.

Charlotte Douglas (CLT) Airport Parking Map

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CLT Charlotte Douglas Airport Discount Off-site Parking Deals

Park 'N Go - Self

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Open 24 Hours Car Care
Distance from the Airport: 1.6 miles
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Instant Courtesy Shuttle


The shuttle driver will also give you a yellow slip, which you need to keep with you in order to give it to the shuttle driver that picks you up. Upon your return, pick up your bags from baggage claim and call the number on the yellow slip. If you carried on baggage, call the number on the yellow slip as you exit the secure area of the terminal and proceed downstairs toward the baggage claim. Exit downstairs and proceed to the middle sidewalk and go to your right and look for the sign "Hotel Buses Courtesy Limo Zone". It also helps if you keep the yellow slip in your hand so that our driver can more easily identify you.


When entering Park 'N Go, an attendant greets and directs you to a parking space. Our drivers pick you up at your vehicle, offer help with luggage, and take you directly to the terminal. Please be aware that during peak travel times, only valet parking may be available. You may be requested to leave your keys. Security 24/7.

Address & Phone:

4101 Scott Futrell Drive Charlotte, 28208

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08/31/16 at 12:00pm
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09/04/16 at 12:00pm
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Uncovered Self
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